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ARCHIFYNOW > TIPS & IDEAS > 4 Ways to Make Rooms Feel Spacious with Mirrors

4 Ways to Make Rooms Feel Spacious with Mirrors

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The feeling of expansive space can be achieved in various ways, one of which is by creating a visual illusion. Mirrors are often used to produce the impression of spaciousness in a small room. Here are some tips that can help create this feeling of spaciousness:

Use Full-Length Mirrors on walls

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors as a room feature can evoke extravagance and grandeur. This application tends to work best in high traffic areas like living rooms, lobbies, restaurants, bathrooms etc. in order to create the feeling of depth, as the mirror reflects light and colour across the room.

Fix Mirrors to Wardrobe Panels

In smaller spaces like bedrooms, mirrors fixed on wardrobe panels can reflect the feeling of openness, as well as allowing occupiers of the space to have a practical use for the mirror. It can also help break up clutter in compact spaces, elongating walls and amplifying light.

Use Mirrors as a Kitchen Splashback

Liven up kitchen spaces by installing mirrored splashbacks. Its reflection, if complemented with good lighting, can create brightness as well as act as a feature for the space. Remember to ensure this area is cleaned after cooking as mirrors will reveal grease and dirt more easily.

Mirrors Used as Decoration

As a reflective design element, an artistic installation of mirrors on the wall can bring about a unique room ambiance. The key is to focus on the arrangement and use varied types, sizes, and colours.

Consulting with an interior designer can assist in the effective use of mirror’s in your next design.

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