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ARCHIFYNOW > PROJECT > A private residence perched upon a rocky outcrop in Whistler

A private residence perched upon a rocky outcrop in Whistler

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Gort Scott
Whistler, Canada
This project is the winning design for an invited competition to build an exceptional private residence in the Canadian mountain resort of Whistler. This exemplary new-build family home is perched upon a distinctive rocky outcrop above Alta Lake, across which it enjoys beautiful views of the surrounding mountain range. Considering how to approach this challenging topography, we recalled a passage from the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1932 autobiography: ‘No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill. Belonging to it. Hill and house should live together, each the happier for the other.’ This would become the founding principle of the design.

Our proposal sought to reconcile several contradictions: expansive views and living spaces while maintaining a sense of intimacy; maximizing inhabitable area while maintaining an understated appearance from public view.

Architects sketch

Architecturally designed home

Architectural model


Architecturally designed home

Concrete home

Modern Bathroom

Home in Canada

Pool house

"Living in The Rock is a special experience… Many architects, through their work, create art and alter environments. A few, like Gort Scott, transform lives."- Private client

Architects sketch

The design evolved from a sensitive site analysis involving deep appreciation of the site’s natural beauty, which was explored at the outset through time spent on-site in different weather conditions and times of the day; sketching and observing the changing light.

The project comprises a main residence, guest-house, and outdoor pool within a series of landscaped levels cut into and built out of the rock. Gort Scott also designed the high-end interiors including bespoke fittings.

Alta Lake view

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