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AAMI - Assa Abloy

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The structure and design of the innovative AAMI Park outdoor sports stadium in Melbourne, Australia has quickly become a contemporary landmark of Victoria.

Featuring both a sports campus and an elite training facility, teams from the National Rugby League, the A-League and the Super 15 regularly attract over 31,000 sports fans to the stadium.

Kristian Speers, National Sales and Export Manager for Assa Abloy Australia said, "We approached the security consultant and electronic security system integrator, informing the decision-makers about Assa Abloy's products and services."

Assa Abloy identified numerous potential security threats to the stadium including fire, vandalism, theft, and violence. In identifying these challenges, Assa Abloy then supplied a tailored electronic locking security strategy. 

"We supplied the Padde by Lockwood range of electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, mechanical products, and architectural hardware," explained Speers.

As the stadium contains large amounts of people, issues such as arson, vandalism, and theft were serious concerns. Speers explained, "Low cost, low-quality imports are one of our biggest challenges. But unlike these products, our electric strikes are the highest quality with a tested lift of over 1.5 million opening cycles."

"Assa Abloy provided a seamless electric locking solution to AAMI Park. The solution we supplied has a very long life cycle, providing strength and quality in service. We can cope with any emergency," continued Speers. 

Victoria's sports fans have long awaited a dedicated stadium the whole family can enjoy. By preventing these aforementioned security risks, Assa Abloy ensured customers would not be deterred or that staff morale would be damaged with an oppressive atmosphere. It was important that a family atmosphere was maintained. 

Speers believes that "visitors and sports fans of the AAMI Park stadium can relax, knowing that Assa Abloy products provide safety and high levels of security day-in, day-out."

For more information on Assa Abloy and their product range, head to their Archify page. 

Information sourced from Assa Abloy
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