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Active or Passive Solution for Fresh Air Without Noise

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The AEROPAC wall-mounted air ventilator has been employed well over 100,000 times as a solution to rising noise and environmental pollution. With its sound absorbing fresh air supply, it supports a calm and healthy indoor environment. AEROPAC possesses a powerful fan that is as quiet as a whisper, making its use in larger rooms possible. The multi-stage air throughput can be conveniently regulated and programmed via the LCD display.

Three optional filters provide effective protection against pollen, fine dust and further environmental pollutants.

Product Benefits

  • Draught free and super-quiet fresh air supply through the outside wall
  • Optimum sound absorption for a quiet peaceful sleep
  • Amount of air can be controlled via lateral slider
  • Small dimensions and elegant
  • LCD display: Air flow regulation and timer programming
  • Three optional filters
  • Simple filter exchange with display indicator: Open ventilator hood, remove filter cassette, clean or replace filter

Installation Features

  • Easily and neatly installed with one core drill hole in approximately 45 – 60 minutes
  • Alternative installation with went duct, for example, for composite thermal insulation systems
  • Suitable for renovations and new builds

Active or Passive Solution for Fresh Air Without Noise

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: H x W x D = 467mm x 270mm x 132mm
  • Sound absorption: Dn,e,w: 50 dB
  • Air throughput as active ventilator with blower: Up to 180 m3/h
  • Inherent noise: 20 dB(A) at 60 m3/h

Ultra-quiet high-performance and clever filter technology

In combination with sound absorbing windows, the AEROPAC active sound absorbing ventilator makes your own four walls an oasis of tranquillity and relaxation in spite of road traffic, aircraft or railway noise. And thanks to three different optional filters, other environmental problems such as fine dust and pollen stay outside too. The multi-stage, demand-based air throughput of this small all-rounder consumes only 5W at 60 m3/h. It can be conveniently adjusted via the LCD display and programmed through the timer function. In addition, the air flow can be regulated via lateral sliders.

Find AEROPAC by Acoustica on Archify.

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