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Case Study: Inground Pump Station Solution

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The remediation of damaged internal drainage.


To install a Sanifos 1000 inground pump station in a back yard with limited access.


Sanifos 1000

We all know that sewage, stormwater and wastewater (grey water) cannot flow uphill without being pumped! There are many situations where sewage, stormwater and wastewater can’t be drained away via conventional gravity drainage and must be transferred to a higher point, whether it be to a sewer main at street level, stormwater pipe, easement etc.

Packaged pumping stations are an efficient solution where gravity reliant sewerage and storm water systems are not possible due to limited site access and site constraints such as property sloping away from the sewer or storm water infrastructure. It’s now possible to achieve cost effective designs previously thought not possible or too costly due to the lay of the land or limited site access.

Saniflo SFA Australia recently came across one such tricky project where the site owner had ongoing issues with their existing gravity drainage system. Due to subsurface water issues the current drainage under the house had been compromised by subsidence leaving the drainage lines with inadequate fall and even backfall in some places which led to blockages. What compounded this was the fact that most of the damage was situated under the house.

The only solution was to install an inground pump station and bypass the damaged drain.

"This particular project was tricky as the site was a property with limited access backing on to a Gold Coast waterway. Due to this limited access we chose the Sanifos 1000, this made it easy to manoeuvre the tank in through the garage to the rear of the property where it would be positioned in the back yard. The pump chosen for this package was the Sanipump ZFS 71, this high performance sewage cutter pump was more than suitable to take the waste from all fixtures in the entire house and pump back to the existing undamaged section of the house drainage"

- Greg Waters National Technical Manager


Heavy duty adjustable cutter

High lift - 20 metres head

50mm non return valve

Wires back to advanced

level controller with visual

and audible alarm


The Sanipump ZFS 71 is a high performance 2200 watt submersible sewage pump with a robust adjustable cutter system making it ideal for demanding domestic and commercial projects where intensive usage or high lift is required.


Discharge Pipework 50 mm

Motor Power 2200 Watts

Voltages 220-240 V/50 Hz

Flow Rate 17 m3/h

Working Waste Water Temp 55°C/Max


Tank Volume 1000 L

Product Weight 116 kg

Inlet Pipework 100 mm

IP Rating IP86


IP54 weatherproof rating

Visual (strobe) and audible (buzzer) alarms

Audible and visual alarm mute/reset/test button

Auto/off/manual operation of pump

Electronic Keyboard for control and interface

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