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Cobram Library by Cohen Leigh & Maxiply

Cobram Library by Cohen Leigh

The bright, modern, and beautiful interior of the Cobram library designed by Cohen Leigh is a wonderful example of the flexibility of plywood to create both straight lines and decorative features. Maxi Panel ply was used to create the impressive ceiling element. The fins of the design are visually stunning and have been carefully positioned to run through the centre of the library, acting as a wayfinding spine to subtly guide visitors through the space.

Cobram Library by Cohen Leigh & Maxiply

The reception counter and desks have been crafted from Maxi Edge plywood panels, the combination of a natural timber finish with black laminate creating a nice, stark contrast. The wood finish of the reception area is also aesthetically pleasing, as it creates a sense of flow between the ceiling feature and the space below. The fins of the ceiling element reach down the back wall behind the desk, acting as a further guide to help visitors navigate their way through the library.

Cobram Library by Cohen Leigh & Maxiply

Property Type: Libraries
Design Style: Contemporary, Modern
Architect: Cohen Leigh
Photographer: Tom Blanchford
Year Finished: 2017

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