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Dulux Unveils the Interior Colour Trends for 2022


As we approach the end of another year, we begin to contemplate what the year ahead may hold. After spending the majority of our time between four walls, cocooned in a digital haze, we emerge with a fresh perspective and a deeper understanding of what is truly important. Dulux has captured this sentiment in their colour forecast for 2022.

Next year’s colour trends reveal a restorative palette of muted, soft hues to sooth and balance the mind. Sensual, moody tones promote liberation whilst serene and feminine pastels invigorate and inspire us towards a year of new possibilities.

Natural Flora

Natural Flora, a muted forest green, evokes a feeling of well-being and harmony. This earthy tone, sooths the mind and bring our focus back to the natural world after having spent so much time lingering in the digital realm. This colour works well with warm whites such as Dulux Rice Crop and can be contrasted with an earthy brown such as Dulux New Penny to create a restorative palette.

Dulux paint colour

Image credit: Dulux Colour Forecast 2022

Winter Terrace

Winter Terrace is a warm greige with a subtle greenish undertone. This neutral shade is the perfect backdrop for self-care rituals and ideal for restoring a sense of tranquility and calm in the home.

Neutral interior paint colour

Image credit: Dulux Colour Forecast 2022


Discretion is a dusty red-brown. Creating a feeling of warmth and intimacy, this midtone works well as an accent colour in living spaces and bedrooms. This sensual colour pairs well with warm neutrals such as Dulux Clay Pipe Half.

Dulux Colour forecast 2022

Image credit: Dulux Colour Forecast 2022

Deep Leather

Deep Leather is a moody dark red-brown that will add instant character and depth to any space. Exuding a vintage aesthetic, this rich, sensual colour pairs well with luxurious fabrics such as velvet and leather.

Moody paint colours

Image credit: Dulux Colour Forecast 2022


Pax, a soft pastel lilac, evokes memories of more carefree days. This whimsical shade of purple brings feelings of serenity and optimism. Unexpected combinations such as Celery Green by Dulux, emphasize the whimsical nature of this aesthetic. 

Lilac paint colour

Image credit: Dulux Colour Forecast 2022


Edvard, a wonderfully deep turquoise green, inspires us to reconnect with nature, family and friends. This uplifting hue pairs well with most cool and neutral whites. For an aesthetic reminiscent of Spring, contrast it with a dusty rose pink such as Pink Papaya by Dulux

Dulux turquoise

Image credit: Dulux Colour Forecast 2022

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