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ARCHIFYNOW > TIPS & IDEAS > Everything You Need to Know About Drop Awnings For Your Next Build

Everything You Need to Know About Drop Awnings For Your Next Build

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Suitable for the exterior of every build, drop awnings are the ultimate way to introduce style and function into home or office...

What are drop awnings? 

Sleek and simple with a modern aesthetic, a drop awning works by pivoting in an arc, downwards to lower an awning and upwards to retract it away. When completely extended, the arms hold the awning in place while stretching fabric over and out across a window or open space.  

Why install drop awnings? 

Combining privacy, security and function, drop awnings are ideal for sun and UV protection where their operation can be performed automatically or manually. A motorized awning can be raised or lowered, offering the ability to increase air circulation at the push of a button. The introduction of arm awnings are also an effective system of improving energy efficiency within a residential or commercial build. By shading the windows and glass areas, the heat is stopped from reaching the windows where it can transfer into the building - overall keeping the building naturally cooler. 

Things to consider when selecting fabrics: 

Air Flow: 

Depending on the area that you are enclosing, selecting the correct fabric for your drop awning is critical. If you are enclosing a verandah or patio and still desire to allow a breeze to pass through, then ensure you are selecting an open weave fabric with 10% openness. 

Privacy & view through: 

With open and closed weave awning fabrics available, one has to consider if day or night time privacy is appropriate. An open weave fabric in a dark colour provides excellent views through the day, however, also allows others to see in at night. Therefore, the colour chosen should be based on the level of privacy needed within the area. 

Colour Fading: 

When selecting fabrics, it is important to take into consideration the level of resistance it holds against fading. Whether placed indoor or outdoor, the material will be directly exposed to sunlight- therefore it is advised that a fabric with fade resistance of 6 and above is selected to ensure that the colour remains consistent over the course of use. 

Suited to all exterior buildings, suppliers such as Norfolk Blinds offer 5 different awning styles, able to be personalized to your requirements. To find out more information about drop awnings and the options available, click here 

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