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Five Tips to Design a Compact Dining Room


A compact dining room can be a solution for a small house. With a compact dining room design, you can maximise the existing space and make it more effective and functional. Then how can you make a small dining room comfortable? Here are five tips to design a compact dining room.

Keep it Simple with Less Furniture

Five Tips to Design a Compact Dining Room

A compact dining room is well-known for its simple and practical arrangement. Homeowners who like a compact dining room design often like simplicity and practicality in general. They realise that they have limited space for their dining room, so the use of furniture is kept as minimal and as efficient as possible. Putting too much furniture might make the room feel cramped. Choose lighter furniture to make the dining room appear more spacious and wider.

Minimise Partitions

Five Tips to Design a Compact Dining Room

Dining rooms these days are commonly combined with other rooms such as the kitchen or the family room. Instead of having a separate and enclosed dining room, it is better to merge these rooms by removing existing partitions or walls. This frees up more space for movement and makes the dining room seem larger.

Round Dining Tables

Five Tips to Design a Compact Dining Room

A dining table is an important element of a dining room. A wide range of design and shape choices often overwhelms homeowners. For a compact dining room design, you should choose a round dining table as it can safe more space compared to a rectangular one. Another advantage of a round dining table is that it doesn’t have corners, which makes it more convenient and safer because you don’t have to worry about bumping yourself on the edges.

Dining Chairs with Slim Legs

Five Tips to Design a Compact Dining Room

Besides a dining table, dining chairs are equally vital in a dining room. Dining chairs are now available in a variety of designs. These choices might confuse homeowners, especially those looking for dining chairs that are not sold in a full set with a dining table. Most of the times, the height of the chairs bought separately doesn’t match with the table, or it doesn’t have a proportional size. One tip is to choose dining chairs with slim legs. Aside from their sleek look, slim dining chairs don’t take up much space so it can help to bring out a spacious impression in your dining room. You can also easily find folding/collapsible dining table sets in the market these days that enable you to save up some space when not in use.

Shelves instead of a Cupboard

Five Tips to Design a Compact Dining Room

A cupboard is surely necessary as storage for kitchenware and tableware. However, the presence of a cupboard can take up a lot of space in your dining room. To solve this, replace cupboards with shelves. Floating shelves can be used for storage and also to place some decorative items that can enhance the aesthetics of the room.

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