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Hotel Buehelwirt

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Pedevilla Architects
Ahrntal, South Tyrol, Italy
Gustav Willeit
The existing building is located on the Bühel at 1200m above sea level and was expanded to the east on the property below. The extension is positioned in the north of the property so as not to restrict the use of the existing structure in terms of visual relationships and solar radiation. The asymmetrically placed gable roof also cleverly clears the lounges in the existing building and at the same time reacts to the urbanistic conditions. The extension extends over 6 floors. In addition to the 20 new room units, a wellness area and a restaurant extension were also planned. The expansion sees itself as "continuing to build" on the existing building. So what has proven itself and what is spatially good was left and only intervened where it was necessary.

The green shimmer in the black facade takes up the color of the lush green to black forests of summer. Nature and topography merge with the project and create a high recognition value. The building stands out above a simple residential structure and conveys the overriding importance as a “hostel”. The interplay of natural materials gives the building warmth and natural beauty.

Characteristic elements of the local building typology were linguistically translated and interpreted. The larch wood from the surrounding forests provides a feeling of security in the interior and the use of the furniture. The green shimmer in the plaster reflects the color of the mountains thanks to the aggregates used from the mine and turns the interior into familiar places. In order to be based on the regional added value, the individually manufactured lamps are made from a copper socket. Overall, the special selection of regionally produced materials creates a homely, calming and familiar atmosphere.

South Tyrol

Hotel South Tyrol

South Tyrol

Red Carpet

Timber cladding

Hotel South Tyrol

Timber interior

Bedroom design

Hotel cabinetry

Wall hooks

Unique lighting design

Timber signage

Interior wall cladding

View of South Tyrol

Site plan

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