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Introducing the Archify app


We’re always looking for new ways to serve the design industry.

Design professionals are using technology more in their working lives, so naturally it is imperative that Archify keeps up with this demand.

The Archify app is now available on your smart phone. Our app aims to save you even more time and improve your workflow further by taking all the features that make Archify unique and putting them in your pocket.

Ensuring that our app is intuitive and easy to use was an important part of development. Time management is a challenge for modern architects and design professionals, who are taking on more and more projects. One of the ways this is managed is by reusing products that have been used and tested on previous projects, however this can hinder innovation. Archify has always saved time for professionals searching for products and, with our app, we wish to empower professionals further to create stunning new infrastructure.

Communication with architectural product suppliers is another issue commonly faced by design professionals when specifying. Archify works to build relationships between specifiers and product manufacturers based on knowledge, trust and communication. We encourage architectural product suppliers to provide the information design professionals need to make decisions without a sales pitch. We then actively encourage collaboration and communication between the two parties for the overall benefit of the project.

With the Archify app you can search our entire architectural product database, add to your Design Folders and library, view and download your Moodboards and Specsheets, keep up to date with the latest articles and access the extensive Archify Now back catalogue of projects and ideas. By combining technology with technical knowledge, the Archify app is the next step for design professionals looking to build better communities. 

Download the Archify app from the app storeDownload the Archify app from google play

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