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It’s all about Weave


Partner content: Designer Meg Sinclair discusses the origin and process behind the development of homewares brand Weave by Warwick Fabrics. Focused on natural fibres, the range of floor rugs, wool throws and cushions have both residential and commercial applications.

Why did Warwick Fabrics embark on creating the homewares brand Weave?

Meg Sinclair (MS): Weave was launched in 2017 and was a natural progression for Warwick Fabrics, who have been supplying fabric to the residential and commercial sectors for over 50 years. We have an expansive global supply chain, expert knowledge in product sourcing and development, and the benefit of Warwick Fabrics warehousing and stock holdings to draw from. We saw a gap in the market for high-quality soft furnishings that will stand the test of time.

What is the design ethos and inspiration behind the Weave brand?

Weave is inspired by the relaxed coastal living that we are lucky enough to have both here in New Zealand and in Australia. We aim to curate quality and timeless soft furnishings that will elevate your space. We are less interested in fast-moving trends and want the pieces we create to be used often but also to be a quality piece you will love to keep. We primarily use natural fibres and an earthy colour palette inspired by the landscape of Aotearoa.

It’s all about Weave

Stack of throws in Opito Caramel, Hahei Caramel, Ohope Caramel, Raglan Caramel.

Where do you source your products from and why do you choose wool as a fibre for a large part of your range?

We have a wide network of suppliers from around the world but we manufacture a significant portion of the wool throw range here in Aotearoa from 100% New Zealand lambswool. These ranges are designed in our studio in Auckland. Our rugs are all handwoven by skilled craftspeople in India, using wool from both New Zealand and Australia.

What benefits do you see in using a lot of New Zealand wool in your products?

Wool is a sustainable, rapidly renewable fibre that is warm, insulative, anti-static, flame retardant and has a wide range of applications. Its durability and sustainability are key reasons why we focus on this fibre. Wool is also warm in winter, cool in summer and, as a yarn, it offers hypo-allergenic properties, as well as being naturally resistant to mould, mildew and dust mites. Wool, for us, is a natural choice and is grown right here in our homeland.

It’s all about Weave

Lake Hayes Peat throw.

Where are your products being used predominantly?

While the Weave range is primarily a residential product range, we also have the capability to do custom design development for commercial applications. We can work closely with clients to create project-specific products for hospitality and office spaces. The process starts with a brief from the client and we then begin the development process.

ArchitectureNow works with a range of partners in the A&D supply sector to source appropriate content for the site. This article has been supported by Warwick Fabrics.

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