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Archify’s Sustainability Filter is Live Now

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Archify is always looking to improve transparency in the construction industry. Now, we're taking it to a whole new level. Our sustainability feature is now live, giving more power to design professionals to make better, greener choices.


Products on Archify that fall under one or more of our six sustainable categories will be marked with an icon on their product image, making it easier to identify green products while researching.

energy efficient, low embodied carbon, low water consumption, manufactured from recycled materials, recyclable packaging, sustainable manufacturing process

The six categories that we’ve identified, Energy Efficient, Low Embodied Carbon, Low Water Consumption, Manufactured From Recycled Materials, Recyclable Packaging, and Sustainable Manufacturing Process, were chosen to best address the biggest issues with environmental sustainability in construction. The number one issue we face is global warming due to emissions; however, pollution from manufacturing, waste created from packaging, and water toxicity are all major issues that need to be quickly overcome.

Our new feature will help design professionals find sustainable products at a glance, without having to sift through brochures and specifications for information, meaning you have more time to find the right sustainable product for your project.


You can also choose to filter out all non-sustainable products when searching on Archify.

Check it out now and see if your favourite brands are supplying sustainable products on Archify!

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