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Sydney Coliseum Theatre - Permax

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Sydney Coliseum Theatre

The Cox Architecture design and Hansen Yuncken built Sydney Coliseum Theatre is designed to be Sydney's most flexible, modern theatre, banquet and concert destination. 

Permax was brought into the project to help offer design solutions that would help achieve the necessary fire rating requirements without impacting the building's impressive aesthetics.

Sydney Coliseum Theatre - Permax

The Permax engineering team helped to modify the steel schedule and construction methodology in such a way that the application of SC902 was both easy and financially economical.

SC902 was applied off-site and transported from South Australia with little to no damage, showcasing the resilience of the product, whilst also improving construction timelines.

The impressive new complex is now complete and open for business.


Address: Rooty Hill RSL
Property Type: Theatre/Cinemas
Area Size: 1500 sqm
Design Style: Contemporary
Architect: Cox Architecture 
Year Finished: 2019

For more information on Permax and their products, head to the Permax Archify page

Information sourced from Permax

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