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ARCHIFYNOW > PROJECT > The agora gardens senior housing with a focus on the community

The agora gardens senior housing with a focus on the community


The framework for the good senior life

Seniors are one of Denmark's fastest growing population groups. In general, we live longer, are more active and place higher demands on senior life than the elderly of earlier times. The agora gardens meet the seniors' wishes for sustainable and attractive housing, which sets the framework for the good senior life.

The Atrium Garden as a natural meeting place

To meet the wishes of many seniors to be part of various everyday communities, the homes in the Agora Gardens are organized in a 2-3-storey block of flats that is linked by an atrium garden. The atrium garden is a covered 'urban space', which draws nature all the way into the buildings and allows for spontaneous and disorganized meetings between residents and guests. The Atrium Garden becomes a natural focal point for the community of the Agora Gardens, based on a simple, unpretentious and warm architecture, and extends the outdoor season from three to nine months. Focus on the community also helps to counteract loneliness among seniors.

Wood construction creates a holistic approach to sustainability

With a united grip, the Agora Gardens address environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability. By building in wood, which is one of the world's most sustainable building materials, the Agora Gardens become a modern senior housing community with the smallest possible CO2 footprint and the greatest possible recyclability. The ambition is to achieve minimum gold in DGNB certification.

The agora gardens have been developed by Tetris A / S with Sangberg as architectural consultant and will in the coming years be built in a number of suburban areas in Denmark. In the development phase, the Agora gardens have gone under the working title VoksenPlus.

Read more about the project on the Agora Gardens' website.

Senior housing design

Senior housing design

Senior housing

Senior housing

Senior housing

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