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The Art Loft

AUX Architecture
Downtown Los Angeles, California
Manolo Langis

This is the interior design of a loft in a 1925 industrial building in the Los Angeles Arts District.

The key element is a screen designed to unify the three levels of the loft. It spans from top to bottom, starting in the kitchen on the first level, enveloping the staircase, and extending to the upper level. From some vantage points it reads like a solid surface with rising and falling topography. Viewed from other orientations it is a transparent slatted screen that allows light to filter or pour in. The screen was designed using 3D printing scripting tools and rapid prototyping at varying scales prior to fabrication. This allowed for experimentation and testing at a real scale and a faster and more effective design process.

Combined with a full interior renovation, including a Bulthaup kitchen and new furniture, the loft has an entirely new feel from its century-old beginnings.

Stair design

Timber screen

California Loft

Stair design

Handrail design

California loft design

Unique ceiling designs

Industrial loft

Handrail design

Stair design

Industrial stair design

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