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The Manor Fairfield East - Altro

The Manor Fairfield East

The Manor Fairfield East is a highly respected, fully accredited, high care residential aged care facility. It provides 24-hour care and total commitment to its residents. Their vision is to ensure that they provide a service that makes a difference to the quality of life for their residents, and the staff are valued for their diverse contributions. The familiarity of relationships between carers and residents is a key element in an enjoyable life for the elderly.

Wanting to update their bathrooms, they decided to approach Altro for material for 2 trial bathrooms. Altro was happy to help and arranged for flooring and walling to be sent to their installers. The outcome has been great and the go-ahead for the other 46 bathrooms will begin over 2018.

Altro Pisces was used for the floor which is the perfect solution for a wet and dry, shoe and barefoot environment. It provides safety underfoot achieving an R11, P5 and Class B for slip resistance and is easy to clean and maintain.

Altro Whiterock White was used for the walls providing a hygienic wipe clean surface with the added bonus of impact resistance.

Matthew Hafford, Operations Manager for The Manor Aged Care spoke about the project, saying, "The new bathrooms look great and the products have enhanced the cleaning capability and provide a high level of hygiene and infection control. Staff find the surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, therefore allowing us more time to focus on care."

The Manor Fairfield East - Altro

The Manor Fairfield East - Altro

About The Products

Altro Whiterock White is perfect for the healthcare sector, providing a hygienic and impact-resistant surface. There is no grout to maintain or replace and the product comes with a guarantee of 20 years with a life expectancy of 25+ years.

Altro Pisces was developed for home away from home environments where you need to maintain a peaceful look to promote wellbeing. This floor has been created for wet environments where there will be a mixture of shoes and bare feet providing slip resistance. It was developed with colour consultants to promote wellbeing environments.

“As it is a superior surface we no longer have to worry about repairing holes and cracks. The walling can take a beating from equipment and wheeled traffic so this will be a significant improvement. It looks great and will allow us to have a better and long term outcome.” - Mathew Hafford

The Manor Fairfield East - Altro

The Manor Fairfield East - Altro

For more information on Altro and their products, head to the Altro APAC Archify page.

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