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Welcoming the Palm Springs design trend into your next design


The Palm Springs style has cemented itself as a popular trend across the home design and interior decorating sector for many years now. Pairing effortless chic with mid-century design, the playful style strikes the ultimate balance between contemporary coastal living with subtle glam. The style is centred around the foundations of clean lines and a design built to provide comfortable living within a hot desert environment. Incorporating Palm Springs living into your next design will ensure that it stands the test of time.  This desert design appeals to many different audiences from nostalgic baby boomers to millennials. To help guide your next Palm Springs inspired build, here are 4 elements that must be included: 

A Neutral Canvas With a Punchy Statement Colour: 

The Palm Springs housing style often follows a fairly neutral colour palette, allowing its natural surroundings to take centre stage. However, a boldly coloured front door is happily embraced. This iconic characteristic doesn’t have any limits, with the colour chosen truly based on preference. This aspect of the trend, while a must have accessory is completely limitless and can easily
be switched up by owners over the years.

Welcoming the Palm Springs design trend into your next design

Stacking stones and breezeblocks: 

Stacked stones and breezeblocks were popularized in the 1960’s and 70’s – today they have been introduce in both feature walls within the interior of homes as well as stacked along the exterior of a build. With heavy emphasis placed on using natural and organic shapes and materials, incorporating these stacked textures offer added visual interest to a project that can be tailored to the area and budget. 

Welcoming the Palm Springs design trend into your next design

Panoramic glass windows to soak in the surroundings: 

Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor is a defining characteristic of the Palm Springs trend. By combining a low profile exterior with floor to ceiling glass windows, the home is connected to the landscapes offering expansive views of the surroundings. Whether the home is placed amongst the mountains and deserts or not, the result delivered from floor to ceiling windows is impeccable while merging the function of wall and window.  

Topping it off with the most essential roof: 

Perhaps the most essential element encompassing all things Palm Springs is the type of roofline commonly seen within this trend. Mid century modern Palm Spring homes are most-often single storey with flat or “butterfly” roofs. This style of structure has been built to resist against strong winds. Because Palm Springs sits east of two major mountain ranges and south from the area another mountain range, there is high and strong winds that pass through the desert, therefore this roof design means fewer repairs and maintenance, all round being a cost effective choice in the long term. 

Welcoming the Palm Springs design trend into your next design

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