04 Jun 2021 by Boon Edam

Boon Edam launches updated website to make technical info on complete entrance security suite more accessible

Global revolving doors and security entrance solutions leader Boon Edam is launching its new website, designed to make technical information more readily available to customers of its comprehensive entrance security suite of products.

The new website – www.boonedam.com/en-au – includes the latest products available in Australasia, including the Lifeline Vision, a speedlane with integrated facial recognition to provide a totally seamless entry experience.

Lifeline Vision integrates AnyVision’s Abraxas facial recognition software, which is capable of identifying faces, without delay, even if they are wearing a Covid-safe face mask. In addition to the proven AnyVision technology, Boon Edam also has the ability to create customised solutions for customers involving different cameras, different software, or different technology altogether.

Lifeline Vision joins Boon Edam Australia’s comprehensive suite of security entrance products and global range of landmark revolving doors widely applicable to financial, data management, health, hospitality, State and Federal government departments, legislatures and hospitality and retail developments.

Like its parent Royal Boon Edam – which is one of the world’s largest producers of speed gates and architectural revolving doors – Boon Edam Australia works closely with architects, builders, facility managers, security integrators and HVAC specialists to provide unique and customised solutions for individual buildings and facilities.

Boon Edam Australia Business Development Manager Darren Assey, who has spent more than a decade working closely with architects, engineers and key specifiers, says that an integrated and comprehensive range is important to the security of public and private facilities, many of which are under-protected in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

“The new website is designed to make it as easy as possible for customers to navigate to the products or services they need. With one or two clicks, customers can drill into a product page, read a short description, browse operational videos, and view a quick summary of the product’s specifications, such as dimensions, electrical requirements, throughput, finishes and more. All product documentation can be downloaded from convenient links located on each page,” says Mr Assey

Boon Edam launches updated website to make technical info on complete entrance security suite more accessible

“Of course, our experienced staff will remain available to answer any questions or enquiries, and provide expert advice on entrance security. The website is now better set up to address early questions, and provide useful resources to specifiers such as architects, consulting engineers, security consultants, building and facility managers and procurement personnel,” he said.

Additionally, for those customers seeking no contact or touchless entrances that operate automatically as a building requirement post-COVID-19, the new Boon Edam website features a special page with a variety of secured, contactless entry solutions, Boon Edam Touchless Solutions

Resources that empower great entry decisions

Aside from product information, Boon Edam continues to put an emphasis on educating its customers to make the best entrance decisions for their unique facilities. Each website offers a variety of educative materials such as white papers, customer case studies, and blogs. Together, these resources focus on topics such as the differences between security entrance types, selection criteria, fulfilling government regulations, and more.

“As the industry leader, Boon Edam is continuing to provide advice to help its customers achieve their desired outcomes in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Boon Edam takes a solutions-first approach, where we look at the customer’s end goal first, and work collaboratively with them to find a solution that delivers the required technology,” says Mr Assey. 

“This approach means customers aren’t sold the flashiest product, or the one with the most features, when an alternative product would have done a superior job of meeting their needs,” he said.

Boon Edam’s comprehensive security suite

Operating under the market signature ‘your entry experts’, one major point of differentiation between Boon Edam and other entrance security providers is that Boon Edam can supply a comprehensive suite of products, rather than specialising in just one type of entrance security.

Boon Edam products include the Turnlock full-height turnstile, Winglock access gate, Lifeline Speedlane, Tourlock Revolving Doors (with optional security features) and Circlelock full-height security portals.

Boon Edam launches updated website to make technical info on complete entrance security suite more accessible

“Having experience in the full range of entrance security technologies allows Boon Edam to look at a layered approach to security from a wholistic point of view, and formulate the best solution for each individual application,” says Mr Assey.

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