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Folding Doors Function in Making House Extension

03 Aug 2022 by PC Henderson

Extending your house is a popular choice to improve your home. By extending your home, you generate more space and light that allows you to stay in your home without the need to move to a bigger place. Folding doors is a great choice to use in your house extension and here’s the reason why.

1. Make your space look bigger

Folding Doors Function in Making House Extension

2. Versatile and can be fitted into any aperture size, also can open either inwards or outwards

Folding Doors Function in Making House Extension

3. Safe, secure, and energy-efficient

Folding Doors Function in Making House Extension

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PC Henderson
United Kingdom
About PC HendersonEstablished in 1921, PC Henderson has been creating the highest quality sliding and folding door hardware for over 98 years. Our products can be seen in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications across the world. Based in Co. Durham, UK our manufacturing plant is one of the most advanced of its kind, constantly achieving strict ISO 9001 quality standards. We also have offices in Ireland, the Netherlands and Chinaalong with an extensive network of distributors and representatives across the globe – exporting to over 70 countries worldwide.From small 9kg sliding hatch doors to 8000kg large industrial doors – our range of hardware caters for projects of all sizes. With over 60 different hardware products, 5 style of mechanism, interior and exterior options, top hung and bottom rolling support options, along with a huge range of accessories – our vast product range is difficult to surpass. Wherever a sliding or folding door can work, we offer a solution.Continual investment into the research and development of our product range is extremely important. Part of this research is customer engagement – hearing the voice of the customer first hand is vital to the success of our products. We use this valuable feedback to continually adapt, enhance and add to our existing product range to make sure we meet and exceed customer expectationsOur customer service and technical support team is made up of a group of knowledgeable, passionate and long standing individuals. With extensive experience working on projects of all sizes across the world, the team possess the knowledge and experience required to specify even the most complex and ambitious of projects.P C Henderson’s fully trained Technical Sales Department are on hand to provide expert advice on all aspects of selection, installation, maintenance and spares provision for every type of sliding or folding hardware. About PT. Roda Bangun MandiriPT. Roda Bangun Mandiri (RBM) serves and supplies middle-sized businesses, private and state corporation, and personal.We provide innovative business solution for our partners, and we have always prioritized quality and trust for sustainable, continuous and harmonic business relationship.Along the way, PT. Roda Bangun Mandiri (RBM) has built excellent relationships with our partners such as nation wide corporations, architecture companies, interior and building contractors, sub- contractors, etc.PT. Roda Bangun Mandiri (RBM) is now operating in Jakarta and we have several agents and sub-distributors in Java, Sumatera and Bali.


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