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Bodd Litt As Your BEST Problem Solver

03 Jun 2022 by Monoliving

We know that spilling your kid's lunch and leaving it stained on your sofa cover is a painful thing for any mom to experience. We also know that it's hard to mix and match pleasant and functional furniture in such a limited space for newlyweds. Even for all singles out there, having a nice sofa that matches their personalities is quite challenging for them.

Bodd Litt is the only way which comes up with solutions to answer your home‑living problems. From the removable cover to the changeable looks, Bodd Litt is here as your best problem solver.

NO. 1 - Changeable Looks

One frame for many styles? Bodd Litt makes it possible! What's better than a sofa that can transform for multiple styles in just one frame?

NO. 2 - Removable Cover

The removable cover that you can change every time you feel bored can help you to transform the looks of your living room.

NO. 3 - Easy to Wash

Use Bodd Litt for easier cleaning the sofa. Thanks to its removable and washable covers. You never knew cleaning a sofa has never been this easy, right? More style, less effort!

NO. 4 - Comfortable

It's time to get comfy and beyond with our Bodd Litt Nova, your perfect puffiness you can't resist.

NO. 5 - Long‑lasting

The polyester cover can resist stains better, so the color remains as bright as the first use. Made of epoxy powder‑coated steel, the frame provides you with the durable experience that you need from a sofa.

NO. 6 - Sustainable

With so many people concern about living a sustainable lifestyle, Bodd & Litt is the only answer to your problems.⁣

NO. 7 - Customizable

You can freely mix and match the cover and the style as you wish. From the bright CITRUS color to vibrant AZURE, it's your call! ⁣

"If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.Monoliving was started in 2016 as a simple lifestyle store that comes with minimalist designs. The store based in Alam Sutera, Indonesia.Monoliving expanded into an online shop, curating a collection of carefully selected products and always looking out for new ways to collaborate.VisionThe vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people.MissionTo continuosly provide fashionable, high quality, basic casual furniture & houseware at the lowest prices in the market - casual furniture can grow with whoever & wherever.GoalTo contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment with which we interact.PRODUCT & SERVICESWe believe, good design is a necessities, thus we provide a range of services to accomodate those huge demands.Product Design & RetailOur main services which maximize the potential of furniture & lifestyle product design by utilizing our propietary lines that can also be acustomised based on the customer’s need.Interior StylingConsultation for interior & design styling in order to add value both for our product lines and to client’s space itself. Providing variety aspect of interior & space styling.Branding & Graphic DesignDesign consultation that encompassed wide variety of graphic, branding design & marketing aspects such as corporate identity, social media management, digital marketing assets and many more.


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