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Smart . Sleek . Sustainable

Relentlessly expanding our R&D capabilities that have earned us numerous accolades, Rigel has become globally recognised for our innovative designs and creative restroom solutions.

Driven by our vision to become a world-renowned sanitary brand powered by smart technologies, we have committed almost 30 years to align our engineering goals with the efforts and desires of our clients and industry associates. Our smart designs feature centralised systems and automated sensing that can react intelligently to usage patterns. Coupled with the benefits of energy efficiency, smart water usage and lower maintenance, our partners get to enjoy substantial cost savings and huge optimisation of time and manpower resources.

The future holds exciting potential for us. From smart building management to sustainable living for eco-savvy urbanites, intelligent sanitary solutions will soon become essential and indispensable in every home and public place. Rigel has already tapped into this demand for enhanced connectivity and seamless automation; we are always prepped for our technologies to evolve, and ready to grow from strength to strength.

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