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VIVOTEK Architects a Surveillance Enhancement Solution for a Century-Old Japanese Brewery

05 Jun 2022 by VIVOTEK

A well-known century-old Japanese brewery revered locally for its sake, shochu, plum wine, beer, and flavorings. It operates five large-scale breweries in Japan and continues to expand in scale and scope. To ensure product safety, the Japanese brewery is committed to improving process stringency. In this context, it noted the growing insufficiency of its current surveillance system and recognized the need to replace total surveillance solutions in order to improve cost control, and maximize product safety.

Not all the surveillance solutions such as hardware, software, video management system within the breweries needed to be replaced. Therefore, the Japanese brewery hoped to build an open system with cross-brand compatibility to reduce overhead without sacrificing operational efficiency. The Japanese brewery opted for fisheye cameras to reduce the number of cameras needed for the system. However, most fisheye cameras currently marketed are image-based and lack real-time surveillance capability. More importantly, because the Japanese brewery operated several locations throughout Japan, an online management platform was needed to consolidate the whole package.

VIVOTEK came up with a comprehensive solution comprising 260 devices (incl., 200 IB9368-HT cameras, 50 FE9391-EHV cameras, and 10 PoE network devices) managed using the VAST 2 video management software. The platform supports off-brand cameras compatible with ONVIF specifications and features useful built-in features, such as real-time warnings and video playback, to facilitate ad-hoc and post-hoc searches, providing users with unrestricted control and greatly enhancing management efficiency.

The IB9368-HT bullet network cameras and FE9391-EHV 360° fisheye network cameras were installed within the breweries to monitor production line processes. The IB9368-HT camera features a remote focus lens that can be adjusted for different segments of the production line. It also supports dynamic scaling for more detailed process monitoring, greatly enhancing food safety.

By comparison, the FE9391-EHV camera can single-handedly cover areas that would otherwise require 2 to 3 non-fisheye cameras. Therefore, they were installed in the Japanese brewery's new production line to comprehensively monitor the bottle-filling, packing, and palletizing processes.

Both camera models feature VIVOTEK's WDR Pro and Smart Stream III technologies, reliably providing high-quality footage of the production lines, even in the contrasted environment. Furthermore, H.265 compression technology support reduces bandwidth use by up to 90%, freeing up storage space to ensure footage integrity.

VIVOTEK tailors its high-end network camera, PoE, and image management products into IP surveillance solutions that meet the individual needs of the Japanese brewery. In this case, VIVOTEK partnered with ForceMedia, Inc. and ACTUNI Co., Ltd to ensure seamless integration/upgrade. The Japanese brewery was extremely satisfied with the security upgrade and plans to add even more VIVOTEK products in the near future to maximize food safety and process integrity.

About VivotekVIVOTEK Inc. was founded in February 2000. The Company markets VIVOTEK solutions worldwide, and has become a leading brand in global security surveillance. In recent years, VIVOTEK has developed comprehensive IP surveillance solutions that encompass its broad range of network cameras, PoE switches, network video recorders, and video management software. In response to the possibilities offered by the rising trend of IoT, VIVOTEK aspires to become the Eye in IOT by drawing on its expansive technological capabilities in image and audio. The Company also plans to continue improving its software/hardware R&D capabilities and expanding its already extensive strategic alliances with leading international software and hardware partners. This synergy of independent and cooperative development will maximize potential, achieve high-level system application, technology integration, and more deeply satisfy user demands across vertical markets.About PT. Hotware IndonesiaPT. Hotware Indonesia, incorporated on June 19, 2007, distributes a range of products and support through its partners. PT. Hotware Indonesia operates through its Headquarter Jakarta and 6 branches: Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, Medan, Bali. PT. Hotware Indonesia has more than 380 authorized partners throughout Indonesia.The core competence of the PT. Hotware Indonesia lies on stock availability and excellent service. After going through 10 years of incredible growth, PT. Hotware Indonesia shift up from Video Surveillance market into Mechanical Electronic market.With the tagline Redefining Intelligence, PT. Hotware Indonesia heading to become a company that can perfect the working power & mindset of both the technology and the people who use the products offered by PT. Hotware Indonesia.


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