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Blum’s New Architectural Building in Christchurch


This new sustainable property features a unique office environment, showroom and warehouse hub for South Island distribution – Innovative design by Warren and Mahoney Architects.

Blum has opened its new home of storage inspiration in New Zealand. The new showroom sits at 16 Avenger Crescent in Wigram, an architectural property concept aligned with company values. It features high-tech sustainable design and materials, unique, innovative spaces for office, showroom, trade training workshop and warehouse to support their South Island distribution.

Blum’s New Architectural Building in Christchurch

The new showroom presents moving ideas and concepts for innovative kitchen and cabinetry solutions. It also allows customers to experience their own storage story first-hand with a 1:1 scale kitchen test drive. The manufacturer of furniture fittings from Austria would like to show its South Island customers how creative interior design can be implemented with high-quality fittings - not only in kitchens and bathrooms but also in living areas, big and small.

Blum’s New Architectural Building in Christchurch

Blum teamed up with Warren and Mahoney Architects leader in Environmentally Sustainable Design, to develop the purpose-built property.

“Design decisions were focused on wellness and employee wellbeing, with plenty of natural light, outdoor areas to take time out, acoustic design that provides comfortable noise levels, and materials to complement the natural local environment,” explains Senior Associate, Simon Laurie of Warren and Mahoney Architects, Christchurch.

Blum’s New Architectural Building in Christchurch

“Architecturally, the design expresses a streamlined, finely tuned and engineered outcome closely aligned with the precision of products the building will deliver. The scale of the warehouse is broken up by a pitched frontage more representative of an urban scale”, says Laurie.

“The showroom is a splendid double height light filled space that visually connects with the outside and features a cantilevered stair clad in blue steel. The finished building is testament to the effort put in by the whole design team, delivering a building that has sustainability at its core.”

The key features are geothermal heating, natural ventilation systems, solar thermal for hot water generation, water recycling system and charging station for electric cars. Future-proofing was also important, allowing for business growth without multiple extensions.

“The architectural design matches our heirloom, but we also want to be relevant in the current business climate, supporting local businesses by hosting events, industry meetings, seminars and training workshops for architects, designers and cabinet makers,” says Michael Hawkins, Managing Director, Blum New Zealand.

One of the main objectives of the family-owned company is to work together with customers and partners to improve the quality of living for furniture buyers. Blum strives for beautiful, functional and long-lasting products based on findings from global research.

Blum’s New Architectural Building in Christchurch

For more information, please visit Blum New Zealand Ltd in Christchurch at 16 Avenger Crescent, Wigram or in Auckland at 621 Rosebank Road, Avondale.


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About Blum

Julius Blum GmbH is an Austrian manufacturer that produces kitchen hardware, renowned for its very high quality. The company’s core products are hinge systems, drawer and lift systems for kitchens and living space cabinetry. Globally, Blum’s customers range from the largest European kitchen and furniture manufacturers through to bespoke artisans. Blum has 32subsidiaries worldwide where its products are supplied to more than 120 markets all over the world. Blum is a family business founded in 1952 in Austria and has been sold in the New Zealand market for more than40 years.

Blum’s New Architectural Building in Christchurch

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