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The Latest In Ceiling Design Trends


As part of a building enclosure, a ceiling helps protect the house from heat and externalities. As part of the interior, it can also enhance the aesthetics with its various designs, shapes, and materials. An attractive ceiling can even change the overall theme of the room. Here are six ceiling designs for your inspiration.

Flat ceiling with hidden lamps

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A good design doesn’t always have to be a flaunting one. A simple and plain design sometimes has its own aesthetic value. If you fancy a minimalist theme room, apply a flat ceiling design with light colour that matches the room’s overall look. Leave some space to install hidden lamps to add a visual interest.

Vaulted ceiling

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A vaulted ceiling can be an alternative too. If you like the minimalist theme found in Japanese homes, this kind of ceiling will be suitable for you. This design is also recommended for a house with a gabled roof as it will create a more spacious impression.

Look elegant with stripes

The Latest In Ceiling Design Trends©Shutterstock

Another minimalist ceiling design that is currently in trend is striped ceiling. For some, a flat and plain ceiling may look dull. A striped ceiling can add vibrancy while keeping it minimalist. Simply add long black stripes to give accent. This striped pattern can also be used to fix a movable spotlight.

Wood is still the favourite

The Latest In Ceiling Design Trends©Shutterstock

From classic to modern homes, wood ceiling is still the most favourite. as it can conjure up impressions ranging from warm, traditional to modern. The only difference is in the design and patterns. If you would like to create a simple and plain impression, wood can be arranged parallel like parquet installation; but if you prefer a modern look, you can arrange them more dynamically by modifying the flow, hierarchy, and dimension.

Flat ceiling with skylight

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Being in an enclosed space with a view of the sky could be quite an experience. Install a skylight on a minimalist flat ceiling and it will totally change the atmosphere. To avoid the glaring sun light, add a shading device and choose glazing that blocks the solar heat.

Industrial style exposed ceiling

The Latest In Ceiling Design Trends©Shutterstock

One characteristic of an industrial style is its ceiling that leaves the usually hidden pipes and wires uncovered. This kind of exposed ceiling is commonly used in public and semi-public buildings like restaurants, galleries and offices. As the ceiling is exposed, pipes and power cables should be arranged properly. If necessary, cover them with nets so they won’t get dirty easily. The application of this ceiling model is usually dominated by black and white.

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