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Tips to Freshen Up Your Home Office

As the COVID-19 pandemic is still going on, working from home has become a working method that people have to adapt. By now, we may have settled to working in our own home office already. But working in the same workspace while being stuck at home all the time might get dull and eventually affect our work performance. In this case, changing things a bit to refresh your workspace for once in a while can be helpful. Here are a few tips you can follow so that your workspace can always support your work performance.

Backdrop change

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Changing your workspace backdrop is a significant step of refreshing your home office, as it affects your whole surrounding. Backdrop change can be done by simply adding a new colour, whether it is repainting a wall or easily adding wallpaper that matches your current design. Certain colours could affect your mood and this varies differently by personal preference, so make sure you choose colours you love that motivate you to perform well.

Replace the furniture

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Make sure the furniture you own in your workspace right now have served their purposes for you. Invest in a comfortable ergonomic chair and desk if you haven’t done so. But if your furniture still works out fine, you can easily refresh them by changing and upgrading the look, either by a new finishing or adding a cloth layer. Adapt the choice of your furniture to your job and working style so you can stay comfortable hours long in your workspace.

Rearrange the layout

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Depending on the size of your home office, you can also rearrange the overall layout of your space. Set your desk facing a renewed wall or facing a window. Rotate your current setting to slightly change your working view. A new view may spark the much-needed new ideas. Besides, a new layout may make you realise that you actually have extra spaces that you can utilise.

Lighting play

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When it comes to doing your desk job, natural lighting is vital. But it doesn’t hurt to add artificial lighting. It can be a desk lamp or accent lighting. A lighting play can create the right uplifting working ambience.

Organise your clutters

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Sometimes getting clutters in our workspace might be inevitable as we do our ways in working. Piled up clutters can impede your productivity. Adding shelves and storage in your workspace come in handy to put in paperwork, office supplies, manuals, books and prevent them from cluttering your desk. Take time to declutter and you would be surprised on how an organised workspace can boost your focus.

Bring nature indoors

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Adding plants bring natural colours effortlessly in your home office. You can opt for small and low maintenance potted desk or floor plants. Putting flowers in a lovely vase can also bring a different atmosphere into the room. You can place them on the shelves or beside your desk or even hanging from your ceiling. Make sure it fits your workplace nicely without making the space cramped or even cluttered.

Decorative elements placement

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Putting in decorative elements curated by your own personal touches in your home office might easily fix a tedious environment. Place a wall grid where you can make a mood board or attach sticky notes filled with your favourite words of affirmations and inspiring quotes. Put up framed photos of your friends and family or artworks on the walls of shelves. Remember to keep it simple and match it with the overall room design so you can create an appealing visual motivation.

By applying these tips, you will easily get a refreshed space in your home office to enhance your productivity while working from home. Visit Archify for more home office ideas and other interior design inspirations. You can find interior designers ready to assist you in your next project design.

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