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Latitude Residences

04 Apr 2022 by Belcanto

Excellence Award Winner – Property Council Awards


Excellence Award Winner – Property Council Awards

Form Building and Construction

Tauranga, New Zealand

Beautiful Balustrade Installations

Balustrade installation projects are often an afterthought in planning a development project, but they shouldn’t be. Balustrades improve the design, making everything look and feel more inviting. A quality balustrade installation can also increase real estate value by providing an aesthetic touch of class and high style to living areas, hallways, staircases, and balconies.

This is precisely what happened at Latitude apartments in Tauranga as recognised by Property Council New Zealand Rider Levett Bucknall Property Industry Awards 2021, receiving merit in the category of Multi-Unit Residential Property Award. The six-storey apartment building needed a balustrade solution that allowed the residents to take advantage of the views over neighbouring Robbins Park and across Tauranga Harbour to Mount Maunganui.

In conjunction with Ignite Architects Ltd in Tauranga, we designed and installed a balustrade with safety, longevity, aesthetics, and affordability in mind. Using a combination of our Emissary and Envoy Glass Balustrades we created a unique and custom-built solutions for each of the floors, giving it that classic look that will stay beautiful for years to come and is very pleasing to the eye.

The beauty of these balustrades is that they’re not cookie-cutter solutions. Made with the architect’s vision in mind, we design and build a high-quality and cost-effective balustrade that complements the building.

For us, every project is an opportunity to show our work off. So if you have a project and need our support, talk to one of our team today.

Client: Form Building & Developements

Architects: Ignite Architects

Completion: 2020

Project Type: Apartments

Latitude Residences

Latitude Residences

Latitude Residences

Latitude Residences

New Zealand
We’ve been fabricating balustrades for decades now and supply a huge range of projects throughout New Zealand. With innovation and customised fabrication we win tenders for challenging commercial projects, large-scale civil infrastructure and bespoke architectural enhancements.About Company It has been a journey of measured paces and bold leaps across the decades. Now, with the arrival of BelCanto Group, we step ahead once more.The origins of our company started back in the 1980s when a small New Zealand engineering business began manufacturing steel fencing and gates for swimming pools.  The company thrived, winning new work and contracts regularly. However we were not comfortable with coasting along. After researching lead times and product life-spans we made the leap from steel to aluminium in the 90s and, with our team of designers, engineers and project managers, made the leap into the commercial sector.Here we increased our market presence with new product lines and manufacturing expertise. By the early 2000s we were well placed as one of New Zealand’s premier aluminium fabricators and in 2011 opened a purpose built factory and powder-coating plant in Levin.  With the two distinct divisions of the company requiring specific attention and support the big decision was made as the decade drew to a close to separate into new brands and businesses. Urban Group continued on with the fencing, gates and automation sphere. BelCanto Group was established to focus all of our balustrade, balcony and façade business.Now we are in the 20s and are on the front foot once more, building New Zealand’s beautiful. Here, ‘beautiful’ covers a lot of ground within our ethos.  Yes, it is the final result. But so too is it the process. Pragmatic efficiency is beautiful. Effective innovation is beautiful.  A lot has changed within the industry over the last three decades – and this rate of change looks set to accelerate. We will maintain pace with the industry and the needs of our clients, delivering pioneering solutions that ensure New Zealand’s built environment can continue to connect, protect and uplift its people.Looking back we are proud of our history, of the projects completed and the relationships forged. Looking forward, we are excited with the opportunities ahead. This is an exhilarating time to be working smarter and harder for our buildings, our towns, our cities and our communities. With a hugely experienced team, innovative business partners and our wide-ranging expertise we aspire to a beautiful tomorrow.


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