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The Climate Action Challenge Addressing Global Waste and Consumerism.


The No Waste Challenge is addressing the far-reaching impacts of waste and consumerism on climate change. The global design competition was initiated by What Design Can Do in collaboration with the IKEA Foundation in January 2021.The climate action challenge called upon all creatives, designers and innovators to submit bold solutions to reduce waste and reimagine production and consumption cycles.

By April, over 14,000 ground-breaking ideas had been submitted, from thermal insulation material made from plants to tiles made from upcycled carbon.

In July, 16 outstanding projects were announced as the winners of the No Waste Challenge. Their teams will now enter a development program co-created by Impact Hub, which will propel their projects through 2022.

What Design Can Do (WDCD) is an international organisation that seeks to harness the power of design to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, fair and just society. Started in 2011, the WDCD was initiated, curated and organised by creatives as a response to the many major challenges of our time.

“Our mission is to empower the global creative community to make a valuable contribution to solving the major problems of our time.” - WDCD

View the 16 winners of the No Waste Challenge here.

View all No Waste Challenge nominees here.

Breanne Iredell
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