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Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Building

13 Sep 2020 by Airodek

RMD Kwikform supply formwork and shoring for the construction of Hong Kong's new cruise liner terminal building in Kai Tak. This prestigious project used a variety of RMD Kwikform's versatile product range to achieve impressive results on this Foster and Partners designed building.

Engineers and logistics specialists from RMD Kwikform managed the delivery and design of thousands of tonnes of formwork and shoring to help primary contractor Dragages construct the new Hong Kong international cruise terminal.

Commissioned by the Hong Kong Government, the Norman Foster and Partners designed cruise terminal building (CTB) is 800 metres long 30 metres high and 75 metres wide and sits on the site of the old Hong Kong International Airport at Kai Tak. 

The mega project represents an essential part of the development of the Hong Kong tourist infrastructure for the Special Administrative Region (SAR), as previous provisions for Cruise liners in the bay were not capable of housing the world’s largest vessels. 

Made up of 13 in-situ poured main concrete beams, each, linked by precast and in-situ constructed beams, the concrete works for the project began April 2011, completing in November 2012. 

With a shortage and increasing cost of labour in Hong Kong, in order to achieve the tight programme, Dragages opted to move away from traditional methods used locally, taking a system based formwork and shoring approach to the project. 

This led to the appointment of RMD Kwikform as sole supplier of formwork and shoring for the project. In total some 3,000 tonnes of equipment; including Rapidshor steel and Alshor Plus lightweight aluminium shoring, hundreds of steel beams and a variety of other equipment were used onsite. 

In addition to standard equipment and Ultraguard edge protection, RMD Kwikform engineers worked with the Dragages team to design and fabricate six identical special column forms that could be crane lifted into place. 

With each of the 13 pier structures requiring an individually designed formwork and shoring solution, engineers had to provide hundreds of drawings, with specialist RMD Kwikform site staff conducting onsite familiarisation training and support. 

Each three tier pier structure was made up of core columns, cast using a specially fabricated column form, with integrated access built into the unit for safe and easy striking. Raised by crane each column was able to be poured and struck in a matter of days, speeding up the overall construction process.

Airodek is a low-weight, high productivity, simple slab formwork system, suitable for slabs of up to a depth of 700mm. Its quick, safe and simple assembly process enables one man to erect up to 40m⊃2; in an hour, significantly reducing construction time and labour requirements and thereby customers costs.


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