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Rain or Shine: Surviving the Bipolar Weather

22 Oct 2019 by Akari

The period of living in gray has begun. Yet there are days when we still bear the brunt of the summer heat.

We are about to enter an unpredictable weather season that might lead to power interruptions. Sounds daunting? Don’t sweat, because Akari’s new rechargeable fan is the perfect solution to maintaining a fresh and comfortable surrounding at home.  

Akari’s Rechargeable Fragrance Mist Fan is not only equipped with advanced cooling system that combats heat and dehydration. On days that are extra humid, simply turn on the mist function to release water droplets and reduce the temperature. The mist it produces is also effective in improving the air quality. Further, you can put drops of your preferred fragrance for a lingering fresh scent.

Moreover, this slim and stylish iteration of the popular mist fan from your trusted brand comes with a 2-in-1 LED nightlight: switch between bright daylight and cozy warm white, depending on your mood.

Best of all, you can use it while plugged in and still have a reliable backup in time of power outages with up to 13 hours fan operating time, running on its rechargeable battery.

Aims to be the Filipinos’ leading partner of choice in providing world-class LED lighting, electrical and energy-saving products.With over 1,000 SKUs available in 800 traditional hardwares and 500 DIY or modern hardware stores and depots, Akari distributes ICC-approved products manufactured according to IEC standards, ensuring good quality electrical and lighting products at a reasonable price.


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