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Is Glass Filter Media Better than Sand?

15 Jan 2021 by Amici

To keep your pool water free of various contaminants, the right type of filter media should be used. Both glass and sand filter media has to be changed after a while since if it’s left too long the filter can stop doing its job due to clogging. This will result in poor water circulation and dirty pool water.

The traditional sand filter media is no longer as effective since there’s now glass filter media available. It can replace sand in every filtration application thanks to its more advanced design. Most glass media is processed specifically to gain the ideal size and are manufactured from a certain glass type. The surface area is then negatively charged so that the media can attract small particles that sand can’t capture through electrostatic filtering.

Here are some of the benefits of using glass filter media for your pool:

A better cleaning ability

Glass can filter particles that are around 5-10 microns in size while sand can only filter particles that are 30 microns.

Superior longevity

Sand media has to be replaced every 3-5 years depending on the quality of the product and the amount of dirt passing through the filter regularly. On the other hand, glass filter media can last up to a decade.

Difference in backwashing

To clean a swimming pool filter, a process called backwashing has to be done. It is initiated by reversing the flow of water to get rid of the contaminants collected in the filter.

Compared to glass media, sand takes longer backwashing because of its high volume. Glass has a faster backwash because its material is less dense and much lighter. This allows for faster cleaning and also results in saving plenty of water.

There are plenty of glass filter media products available in the market today, but if you’re looking for a high-quality, eco-friendly and affordable type, then you can’t go wrong with EcoClear which is made from 100% recycled glass.

About UsAmici Water Systems is the distributor of a wide range of imported water products in the Philippines, including A.O. Smith water heaters, boilers and tanks, Atmor shower and multipoint water heaters, Fireflux heat pumps, SolarActive solar water heating solutions, Aermotor pumps and tanks, SuperFlow tanks, and Sta-Rite and Jet-Flo pool and spa equipment.  Amici imports quality products from the USA, Canada, China, Israel, Australia, the Netherlands, Taiwan, and Thailand.Amici started its first store in 1976 in Angeles City, Pampanga as Amici Marketing, a retailer of quality water pumps from USA and Italy, pressure and overhead tanks, appliances and other general merchandise.  20 years of continuous focus on providing quality products and honest sales and services to our customers have gained us the trust of our valued customers in Pampanga and nearby provinces.Amici Mercantile was incorporated in 1997 as an importer and distributor of water products in the Philippines, first carrying Sta-Rite pumps and pool products, and then Onga products.   In 1999, Amici became the distributor of A.O. Smith Water Products Company, the largest commercial water heater company in the world.  Since then, through a superior product line and constant innovation, Amici has established itself as the leading water heater company in the Philippines, carrying A.O. Smith quality brand of electric storage water heaters, gas-fired water heaters, hot water boilers, solar water heaters, and energy-saving heat pump water heaters.In 2003, Amici started distributing Bennington instant water heaters and Jacuzzi centrifugal pumps and pool and spa pumps, filters, and accessories.  In 2004, Amici became the distributor of Aermotor, a Sta-Rite/Pentair pumps and water systems company. In 2005, with the ever-widening awareness of environmental issues and rising energy costs and maturity of energy-efficient heat pump technology, Amici brought to the market the SolarActive solar water heating systems and the Fireflux line of energy-efficient heat pump water heaters.  Within 3 years, with more than 100 commercial installations, supplying hot water for well-known hotel establishments, Fireflux became the leading brand of heat pump water heaters, and our company the leader in renewable energy and water heating efficiency.In 2007, Amici started importing Sta-Rite Swimming Pool and Spa products, complementing and fully realizing our years of pool and spa experience with Jacuzzi and Onga products with Pentair's more comprehensive and advanced water leisure products. We also started distributing SuperFlow bladder-type pressure tanks to complete our pumps and water systems division.In 2009, Amici, despite the brewing economy problems, aimed to strengthen its position in the retail water product market through the distribution of the Atmor brand of instantaneous shower and multi-point water heaters. In the opposite direction, towards the medium/heavy commercial market, we further solidified our water heating leadership with the entry of McQuay Templifiers which use heat pump technology for use together with commercial chillers. For our pump division, we became an authorized dealer of Fairbank Morse fire pumps.  In 2010, we have been appointed an authorized distributor of Aurora Pumps, part of the Pentair Group of Companies that specializes in commercial and industrial pumps, including water pumps used for building fire protection.In 2012, we started distributing Maytronics robotic pool cleaners. Maytronics has been the pioneer in robotic pool cleaning, and continues to innovate and lead this high technology market.In 2013, we launched the BlueWave brand of instant water heaters. The BlueWave brand carries more premium models of instant heaters including thermostatic models that adjust heating power based on inlet water temperature and target water temperature.In 2014, we have moved to the more exclusive Fairbanks Nijhuis brand of Pentair for commercial and industrial pumps.In 2015, we have started moving our Aermotor lineup under the Sta-Rite brand. This move expands our product lines to cover more applications. This also unifies our residential pumps and swimming pool pumps and filters under the Sta-Rite brand.Amici currently has offices in Tarlac, Pampanga, Metro Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao. We are continuously expanding our reach in the national level.  We look forward to serving you better and nearer.Our VisionTo be a Filipino organization that adheres to International Standards and that is considered a major player in all of its markets by 2016.Our MissionWe design. We supply. We install complete and sustainable solutions with excellence and passion.We train and develop our employees to their full potential.We inspire!Our ValuesR.I.C.E.Rice (kanin) is a staple of every Filipino family. It comes from palay, which hardworking farmers plant, nurture, and finally harvest as bigas.  Bigas, in turn, is distributed to every family and cooked to nourish the Filipino with energy and satisfaction.Rice is so fundamental to the Filipino life that we've made it our inspiration for our core values:Response-abilityIntegrityCommitmentExcellenceThese core values are what we believe will empower us to accomplish our mission and reach our vision of development of the Filipino organization.Response-AbilityResponse-ability is the ability to exercise our freedom to choose while complying to legal and moral obligations.IntegrityIntegrity is the consistency of our thoughts, words and actions with ethical standards.CommitmentCommitment is the dedication to deliver on time, within budget and with quality.ExcellenceExcellence is the capacity to produce something of outstanding quality with heartfelt, deep and authentic excitement about our objectives at all times.


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