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Sillavan Way, Manchester

14 Sep 2020 by Ascent 200

RMD Kwikform has supplied specialist contractor Renaker Build Ltd. with a range of formwork and falsework equipment, including its new ascent safety screen to support the construction of five new blocks of high-end apartments in Manchester.

The five new residential blocks, known as Sillavan Way are being developed by Renaker Build Ltd. to cater for the growth in demand for high-end apartments in Manchester. The development will incorporate approximately 200No apartments in different height blocks, ranging from eight to twenty floors. To cater for the different sizes of the buildings and the fast track construction schedule, a range of specialist solutions were supplied to the project by RMD Kwikform. 

Commenting on the project, Darren Whitaker, boss of Renaker Build Ltd. said: “We have worked with RMD Kwikform on a number of different projects in and around Manchester, so we were confident that its equipment could be used to help us meet the tight construction deadlines for this development. 

“RMD Kwikform was heavily involved early in the process, particularly at the design and development stage, where its engineers and comprehensive range of system capabilities helped us to define an accurate construction schedule. We were particularly impressed with its relatively new Ascent safety screen, and the results it has already achieved on the two completed apartment blocks. 

“It is a system we would certainly consider using again in the future as it helps to create a very safe and user friendly working environment. In addition to protection from the elements it creates a seal around the building with multiple layers of redundancy, preventing debris from falling. This is obviously very important when we are working at height in a built up area. “ 

The range of equipment provided by RMD Kwikform to the Sillavan Way construction project included Minima wall formwork, Klik Klak access platforms, Rapidclimb and the Ascent safety screen. The project also represented the first use of the Ascent system in the UK outside London 

Discussing the RMD Kwikform role at Sillavan Way, RMD Kwikform General Manager for the North, Paul Collins said: ‘Renaker has undertaken a number of firsts on this job that have really shown the capabilities of RMD Kwikform equipment. For example, it was the first screen with an integral Rapidshor access stair in the screen, allowing personnel to get up onto the wet deck without a separate ladder access. There is also access at the bottom of the screen to the complete perimeter, enabling window frames to be fixed from within the protection of the screen before it is lifted. This shows the diversity of the equipment supply, allowing work to be completed to budget and to schedule, while retaining a focus on safety. 

“Alongside the minima wall formwork, we also provided access to the concrete cores for the lifts and stairs, as well as support for the slab and safe entry for the support team. The wide range of uses for the equipment on this project show the intense planning that was required early in the design process. This is now paying dividends as construction is really starting to come together and the customer has been happy with the results already achieved.”

Ascent 200
United Kingdom
Ascent 200 is the latest evolution of the award winning Ascent safety screen system. Designed to provide complete protection for workers and public on high rise construction projects. The Ascent 200 system has been developed in conjunction with major contractors to ensure that it provides for all your screen requirements. New features include new mast design improving strength to weight ratios and allowing construction of two wet decks and columns. Ascent screens are also slimmer in profile improving logistics and transport costs.


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