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Cofem event in Canary Islands

03 Sep 2020 by Cofem

A few days ago, we celebrated the first anniversary of the Canary Island delegation, we would like to thankful to all the people involved in this great project and to all the assistants in the event.

About Cofemofem started its operations in 1973, developing, manufacturing and commercializing fire extinguishing equipment.In 1982 the Division of Electronic Detection was created for the development and manufacture of fire detection and alarm systems.Starting the own production of detectors and control panels adapted to market needs.All this experience and knowledge is applied to our systems offering competitive technology products, according to all the standards and regulations at national and European level that allows COFEM S. A. to export to over 50 countries around the world.About Stelsen Integrated Systems, Inc.Stelsen Integrated Systems, Inc. has a collective experience of 50 years in delivering high quality solutions and services to our clients in the safety and security industry. We as a company, aim to provide our clients with holistic approach to maximize effectiveness of our service and systems. Our continued growth is built on our reputation and reliability while meeting our client’s expectations. Our team’s knowledge in regulations, great technical ability and experience in a wide range of industries, lets us efficiently design an integrated solution to maximize the effectiveness of your investment.


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