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World’s 2 New Deepest Pools are Coming Soon

20 Sep 2019 by E-Sports International

Poland’s Deepspot (45 meters deep) and Britain’s Blue Abyss (50 meters deep) will be the world’s deepest training pools.

World’s 2 New Deepest Pools are Coming Soon

This fall, the world’s deepest pool will open in Mszczonów, Poland near Warsaw as a training facility for both amateur and professional divers. The Deepspot pool will feature a section that reaches depths of 45 meters. In addition, the pool will include features like overhangs and caves for divers and athletes to learn and practice different techniques in an alternative, non-oceanic environment.

World’s 2 New Deepest Pools are Coming Soon

Deepspot will hold 8,000 cubic meters of water, which is 27 times more than what a 25-meter pool normally holds. Meanwhile, spectators will be able to watch the activities from an underwater tunnel. The multi-purpose aquatics facility will also house conference rooms, training rooms, and hotel accommodation. The windows of some of these rooms will afford underwater views into the pool’s interior. Poland’s Deepspot will supplant Italy’s 40-meter-deep Y-40 The Deep Joy pool as the world’s deepest until the UK’s Blue Abyss is built.

Blue Abyss in the UK is getting ready for construction. Funding is currently being secured, and the Mersey Waters Enterprise Zone was announced earlier this year as a possible location. The ambitious project will be the world’s largest and deepest commercial indoor training pool with a depth of 50 meters and a volume of around 42,000 cubic meters.

World’s 2 New Deepest Pools are Coming Soon

The training facility of Blue Abyss is positioned to become a state-of-the-art venue for diving, space training, research, and development. It will be large enough to test deep-sea equipment and remote operated vehicles (ROVs)—with the aim to aid exploration of extreme environments for subaquatic archaeology, life sciences, and spaceflight.

World’s 2 New Deepest Pools are Coming Soon

Currently, the plans include hyperbaric and hypobaric chambers, an astronaut training center, human performance center, mission control room, micro-gravity simulation suspension suite, and a hyper-gravity centrifuge. The complex will also include a lecture theater, six classrooms, onsite catering, and hotel accommodations.

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