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Gathering efforts to empower, seek far and win-win, Foshan Lighting held the 2020 Yangtze River Economic Belt dealer seminar

26 Oct 2020 by FSL

In order to further summarize the experience and work results of Foshan Lighting in the sales terminal since the first half of the year, and to further accelerate the transformation and development of regional innovation strategy, focus on the long-term and grasp the general trend, on September 17, Foshan Lighting held the "Gathering Strength, Empowerment and Planning" in Changzhou, Jiangsu. Far-reaching and win-win" dealer seminar in the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

Lei Zihe, general manager of Foshan Lighting, Liu Qiang, general manager of domestic marketing department, Liang Guanwen, national marketing director, and heads of various channels and departments of domestic marketing department attended the meeting together with more than 50 Foshan Lighting core distributor customers from the Yangtze River Delta Gather together to discuss the development plan of the domestic marketing department in the Yangtze River Delta region, open the door to ask for suggestions, brainstorm ideas, and seek a win-win situation.

Seek change in stability, seize opportunities

At the beginning of the conference, General Manager Lei Zihe welcomed the arrival of core distributors in the Yangtze River Delta. General Manager Lei Zihe said that in 2020, affected by the new crown epidemic and the escalating Sino-US trade frictions, domestic companies will face unprecedented challenges. To nurture new opportunities in the crisis, and to open a new game in the changing situation. Under the leadership of the company’s new leadership, Foshan Lighting has established a development approach that focuses on technology and service, focusing on brand and value, and closely focuses on "Low-end manufacturing" is upgraded to "mid-to-high-end intelligent manufacturing", from "single electrical and lighting product production and sales" to "providing smart products and overall solutions", and from "traditional functional lighting" to "wisdom, healthy, green People-oriented lighting" leapfrogged, and continue to strengthen the expansion of subdivisions to cultivate new profit growth points.

Since the beginning of this year, with the support and cooperation of dealers and customers, Foshan Lighting has stimulated the endogenous motivation of the enterprise with reforms, accelerated the reform of marketing and business models, and maintained a steady development trend. With the national development strategy of "internal economic cycle", domestic domestic demand has further expanded. To activate the "inner loop" and seize development opportunities, companies need to "take three arrows together". One is to persist in accelerating technological innovation and product transformation and upgrading, to open up new business areas, and to promote the transformation of technological achievements; the second is to increase refined management , To enter the "fast lane" of high-quality development of enterprises with an automated, intelligent, and digital management model; the third is to strengthen brand building, improve marketing mechanisms, innovate business models, and build a digital marketing system. General Manager Lei Zihe said that Foshan Lighting will adhere to "the goal remains the same, the task will not be reduced", and promote the corporate system reform with the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability. He hopes to continue to work with dealers in the Yangtze River Delta to be more determined Confidence, more vigorous fighting spirit, overcome obstacles, brave the wind and waves, and go all out to complete the annual goal. 

Empowering terminals, revitalizing advantages

Later, General Manager Liu Qiang of the domestic marketing department pointed out in his speech that Foshan Lighting and the distributors are a harmonious, win-win, equal and mutually beneficial partnership, which is also the basis and prerequisite for a series of reforms of Foshan Lighting in the future. In 2020, in accordance with the company's strategic needs, the domestic marketing department will comprehensively optimize the top-level strategic design, adjust the organizational structure, and effectively improve the market response speed and the cohesion of each section. Since the beginning of this year, the domestic marketing department has effectively improved market activity through various marketing models such as "live broadcast, one province, one policy, crowdfunding, and volume". He emphasized that market competition is becoming increasingly fierce and business changes are changing rapidly. Distributors must also have the courage to change and quickly improve their capabilities and service levels to meet the needs of market development. He hopes to solicit opinions, suggestions and needs through this strategy seminar , Continuously improve marketing work. Next, Foshan Lighting will combine the company's development strategy and the actual needs of dealers and customers to strengthen internal management, strengthen product construction, and accelerate the advancement of information construction.

Build consensus and seek common development

At the seminar, Wang Dakai, Director of Wholesale Channels, and Chen Ji, Director of Specialty Stores, respectively analyzed the innovative transformation and strategic planning of each channel. Afterwards, distributors conducted in-depth discussions on "terminal services, price control, market experience, brand competitiveness" and other aspects. Each distributor fully described their views and suggestions, and shared their own business experience.

The Yangtze River Economic Belt is one of the focal points of my country's economic development, and it is also an area where Foshan Lighting has focused its efforts in recent years. In 2019, the brand advertising of Foshan Lighting was registered at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Pudong International Airport. With the help of Shanghai's important international position as the aviation hub, it will expand its brand influence in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt and the national market.

As the first distributor seminar of Foshan Lighting in 2020, this meeting is highly valued and supported by leaders at all levels of the company. The successful holding of the meeting will provide detailed opinions and references for Foshan Lighting's rapid development in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt. Next, Foshan Lighting actively responded to the call of the national dual-cycle strategy, accelerated the pace of reform and innovation in sales work, gave full play to the factor market advantage and radiation effect of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt, further activated the vitality of the regional market, and added new impetus to the construction of the economic belt .

Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd. (FSL Lighting), with a history dating back to 1958, is a prominent lighting business in China. Headquartered in Foshan, China, FSL Lighting has more than 9,000 employees and 5 manufacturing bases located in Foshan, Xinxiang (Henan province) and Nanjing (Jiangsu province) respectively. These manufacturing facilities cover a total land area of 1,600,000 square meters. FSL Lighting specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of a comprehensive portfolio of products across the full range of applications in residential, commercial, outdoor, and automotive lighting. Since 1993 FSL has been a public company listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 000541).With its many decades of experience, strong in-house capabilities, and a rich culture founded on innovation, FSL Lighting sets the pace in the lighting industry and has been prominently distinguished from its competition. In 2004 Osram became the first majority shareholder of FSL Lighting in an effort to expand its lighting market share in China by leveraging FSL's low cost manufacturing infrastructure. The success of this marriage remains a disputable topic but reflected FSL's unique industry influence and business value that contributed to Osram's continuously rapid growth in China. In September, 2015 Osram sold its own 13.5% share in FSL to China's Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co. which soon becomes FSL's controlling shareholder after their successive moves to increase their stake in the stock market. The return to management by State-Owned enterprise gives FSL new momentum and accelerates the company's growth and value creation.FSL Lighting's unrivalled product strength has been built on its pure commitment to cost-driven innovations. Despite its effort of continuously expanding its portfolio of products, the company's core competencies have been low cost mass-production of light bulbs and tubes. FSL's flagship lighting solutions span across generations of lighting technologies, from incandescent bulbs, tungsten halogen bulbs, fluorescent and CFL lamps to the most recent evolution to LED lighting technology that is giving birth to amazing new possibilities. FSL Lighting has built itself a unique blend of advantages that have been maximizing the value of technological innovation and ultimately drive unparalleled profitability.The technology shift from conventional lighting to LED based solid state lighting has been a painful process. It's the tradition of relentless innovation that makes FSL Lighting stand out in the global market. Being one of China's largest manufacturers of fluorescent tubes, FSL Lighting's footprint in LED lighting is breathtaking. Today the company is the largest manufacturer of T8 LED tube lights in the world, with a monthly capacity as high as 10 million pieces! FSL made an inventive stride that redefined what's possible with LED lighting. The advent of low cost, high output glass LED tube by FSL sets the benchmark for cost-driven innovations by completely outperform the expensive aluminum extrusion + PC cover LED tubes in terms of cost, lumen output, and beam spread.In the hyper-competitive lighting market, FSL remains to be one of the most profitable lighting manufacturers in China. In 2016 the company reported a net profit of RMB 1.077 billion out of the RMB 3.366 billion total revenue. FSL Lighting is distinguished by breakthrough technology, manufacturing excellence, and economies of scale. FSL's mass production facilities are operated under vertically integrated manufacturing systems which eliminate the multilevel markups prevalent in the industry and maximize the company's capability of quality control. FSL Lighting is continually expanding its LED product line to bring the market a variety of sustainable, economical lighting options. From LED bulbs, LED tubes, interior light fixtures, and outdoor architectural lights to vehicle LED bulbs, FSL Lighting goes the extra mile to make a difference.


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