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Smarter, more professional, and better! Foshan Lighting shines at the 2020 Guangya Exhibition

26 Oct 2020 by FSL

In 2020, the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic disrupted the development of various industries. In the post-epidemic era, with the economic recovery in the second and third quarters, the lighting industry has also shown a comprehensive recovery trend. From October 10th to 13th, the 25th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was held in Pazhou International Exhibition Center. Aiming at the cross-border integration and innovation of lighting applications in the new era, new technologies, and new developments, Foshan Lighting and Fozhao Electrics brought their blockbuster products to their debut, focusing on the theme of "Smarter, More Professional, and Better" Consumers showcase the practical applications and solutions of smart lighting, smart fire protection, and electrical appliances, and communicate with consumers and media around the world on the latest developments and trends in the lighting industry.

As the country's largest and most forward-looking lighting event, this year's Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition demonstrated to the public the new trends in the development of the lighting industry and released new signals of future industry changes. The theme of this year's conference is "Same", which means that the exhibition will walk together with the industry, have a common belief in the industry, and give more value to "Light" and bring business opportunities.

Smarter, to promote deep industry innovation

At this year's Guangya Exhibition, smart lighting became a highlight of this exhibition. Foshan Lighting not only displayed a smart single-product matrix, but also showed a more open smart home application program, with three characteristics of voice control, automation, and scene-based. Users can adjust through voice interactive commands, and the smart lights themselves will also be based on external The environment automatically adjusts the brightness of the light and links with other smart devices. The plan is guided by lighting and the residence as a whole. The fully upgraded whole-house intelligence is exhibited in a two-dimensional manner to meet the basic human needs and meet the deeper emotional needs.

Since 2018, Foshan Lighting has launched smart lighting solutions and Fozhao e-home smart system. In 2019, it will further promote the research and development and improvement of smart lighting. After in-depth cooperation with Internet giants such as Ali and Huawei, in 2020, Foshan Lighting will target With the development of smart cities, smart communities, and smart homes, seize opportunities to accelerate R&D and upgrade in the smart field.

Today, Foshan Lighting has successfully implemented a smart home solution with security and health functions, customized and scene-oriented, and provides users with more choices and experiences from the product cut-in.

In addition to smart home solutions, Foshan Lighting's heavyweight products have also attracted the attention of many people. The Mingyue voice bedside lamp, Nimo night light, and Zhiyao reading and writing desk lamps developed in cooperation with Ali and Huawei respectively, through art, The cross-border integration of design and technology brings more possibilities to lighting. It integrates aesthetic design, intelligent technology and artistic innovation, which has witnessed the infinite reverie and innovation power brought by the integration of new intelligent lighting technology and humanities and arts.

More professional, start a new trend of smart life 

With the overall acceleration of new infrastructure, smart light poles are becoming a new entrance to smart cities. From ordinary street lamps to cultural street lamps, to the current smart street lamps, technology is giving life unlimited possibilities. The smart light pole exhibited by Foshan Lighting this time integrates communication poles, street lights, traffic monitoring, security monitoring, traffic signs, road test billboards and other major functional facilities. It is widely distributed, can be connected to the Internet, and is easy to build the Internet of Things. The characteristics of the equipment make it more prominent. At the same time, the energy-saving characteristics of LED street lights can meet the needs of green city construction. It is not only a complex of multiple equipment, facilities and technologies, but also one of the important contents of the "new infrastructure". An important fulcrum for the construction of smart cities.

With the in-depth advancement of smart city construction, various localities are also actively launching "smart light pole" construction projects. According to the research report, the national smart light pole market is expected to grow by USD 7.97 billion from 2020 to 2024. At present, my country’s smart light pole industry is developing rapidly under the wave of new infrastructure. Foshan Lighting, as a supplier of integrated solutions for urban light environment, is actively exploring the use of wisdom to light up the city with its own technology and core products to promote New urbanization construction provides professional support. It is understood that Foshan Lighting's smart light poles have successfully landed in Chengdu Tianfu New District as a pilot, and actively promoted the construction of Beijing 798 Art District. 

With the advancement of the construction of smart cities, domestic engineering projects have gradually developed in a comprehensive and intelligent direction. With the increasing number of projects in large-scale commercial areas, public places, comprehensive residential areas, and transportation sites, the design requirements for buildings are also getting higher and higher, and modern fire-fighting facilities need to be improved.

Foshan Lighting exhibited an intelligent fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicator system this time. It uses intelligent network technology to link with the fire alarm system to monitor the working status of all centralized power supplies, evacuation indicator lamps and emergency lighting lamps in the system in real time. The location of the fire and the direction of the spread of smoke, accurately determine the specific location of the fire, generate the best evacuation route according to the plan, and minimize casualties and property losses. At present, Foshan Lighting's intelligent fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system have been widely used in many engineering projects across the country such as Shenzhen ZTE Industrial Park, providing a digital foundation for smart city fire information services.

Better, working hard to upgrade living space

With the improvement of living standards, people's yearning for a better living life is constantly changing, personalized demand is prevailing, and many personalized products have emerged.

This time Guangya Exhibition exhibited Fo Zhao Electric’s smart creative switches and more eye-catching smart lock products, which integrate rich functions such as anti-theft doors, smart door locks, and smart peepholes, ensuring safety and reliability while also having beautiful appearance. , Was unanimously praised by visitors.

Foshan Lighting has been working hard to break the inherent shackles of traditional products and inject more freshness into the industry and life. With the gradual expansion of fingerprint and face recognition applications, smart locks have entered thousands of households and become the first choice for smart homes. From single locks to networked locks and then to smart locks, door locks no longer use simple care functions through the Internet, and will be given more roles in the era of the Internet of Everything.

From the transformation and upgrading of traditional lighting to LED lighting, to the vigorous expansion of the field of intelligent lighting, and to the active development of the field of electrical appliances, Foshan Lighting has always regarded innovation as the main theme of corporate development, and is committed to bringing people a convenient and safe worry-free life the way.

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle once mentioned that "people gather in the city to live, and they stay in the city to live a better life." The opening of the "smart city" will undoubtedly make this "better" The connotation extends farther.

"Infinite life, illuminate with heart", Foshan Lighting insists on doing a good job of quality and brand, meeting the needs of different users, innovating and leading, focusing on technology, just as the theme of "more intelligent, more professional and better" is for consumption Provide high-quality products, inspire the yearning for a better life, use good quality to bring consumers a new experience of wisdom, lead the development of new trends in lighting products, and help the construction of smart cities.

Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd. (FSL Lighting), with a history dating back to 1958, is a prominent lighting business in China. Headquartered in Foshan, China, FSL Lighting has more than 9,000 employees and 5 manufacturing bases located in Foshan, Xinxiang (Henan province) and Nanjing (Jiangsu province) respectively. These manufacturing facilities cover a total land area of 1,600,000 square meters. FSL Lighting specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of a comprehensive portfolio of products across the full range of applications in residential, commercial, outdoor, and automotive lighting. Since 1993 FSL has been a public company listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 000541).With its many decades of experience, strong in-house capabilities, and a rich culture founded on innovation, FSL Lighting sets the pace in the lighting industry and has been prominently distinguished from its competition. In 2004 Osram became the first majority shareholder of FSL Lighting in an effort to expand its lighting market share in China by leveraging FSL's low cost manufacturing infrastructure. The success of this marriage remains a disputable topic but reflected FSL's unique industry influence and business value that contributed to Osram's continuously rapid growth in China. In September, 2015 Osram sold its own 13.5% share in FSL to China's Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co. which soon becomes FSL's controlling shareholder after their successive moves to increase their stake in the stock market. The return to management by State-Owned enterprise gives FSL new momentum and accelerates the company's growth and value creation.FSL Lighting's unrivalled product strength has been built on its pure commitment to cost-driven innovations. Despite its effort of continuously expanding its portfolio of products, the company's core competencies have been low cost mass-production of light bulbs and tubes. FSL's flagship lighting solutions span across generations of lighting technologies, from incandescent bulbs, tungsten halogen bulbs, fluorescent and CFL lamps to the most recent evolution to LED lighting technology that is giving birth to amazing new possibilities. FSL Lighting has built itself a unique blend of advantages that have been maximizing the value of technological innovation and ultimately drive unparalleled profitability.The technology shift from conventional lighting to LED based solid state lighting has been a painful process. It's the tradition of relentless innovation that makes FSL Lighting stand out in the global market. Being one of China's largest manufacturers of fluorescent tubes, FSL Lighting's footprint in LED lighting is breathtaking. Today the company is the largest manufacturer of T8 LED tube lights in the world, with a monthly capacity as high as 10 million pieces! FSL made an inventive stride that redefined what's possible with LED lighting. The advent of low cost, high output glass LED tube by FSL sets the benchmark for cost-driven innovations by completely outperform the expensive aluminum extrusion + PC cover LED tubes in terms of cost, lumen output, and beam spread.In the hyper-competitive lighting market, FSL remains to be one of the most profitable lighting manufacturers in China. In 2016 the company reported a net profit of RMB 1.077 billion out of the RMB 3.366 billion total revenue. FSL Lighting is distinguished by breakthrough technology, manufacturing excellence, and economies of scale. FSL's mass production facilities are operated under vertically integrated manufacturing systems which eliminate the multilevel markups prevalent in the industry and maximize the company's capability of quality control. FSL Lighting is continually expanding its LED product line to bring the market a variety of sustainable, economical lighting options. From LED bulbs, LED tubes, interior light fixtures, and outdoor architectural lights to vehicle LED bulbs, FSL Lighting goes the extra mile to make a difference.


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