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Discovery Shores Boracay Illuminated

05 Feb 2021 by Glowlines

Discovery Shores Beach Boracay is a favorite destination for high-profile meetings, captivating beach getaways, sumptuous dinners and picturesque wedding events. Colorful and lively as it is in day light, the world-class resort complex knows it needs a professional help from Porta Galleria in tailor-made illumination to enliven its vibrant night life.

Porta Galleria & LEDCORE Enterprises did install and complete customized outdoor lighting solution with controls on the Waterfalls. The result is an evening ambient and functional lighting that cheers up visitors no matter where they are in the vast resort property. The complete beach and its well known INDIGO restaurant, is completely illuminated as well through the Ledcore’s state of the Art lighting solutions.

(Check: www.glowlines.com.ph)

The Glowline TeamWe do not "just manufacture LED Lights", but we design & create Lighting and Lighting objects of any sizes and as per customers intend. From Light and furniture Design, over manufacturing, procurement, added value engineering consultancy, to full turn-key projects, through installation and sustainability. We've got it all covered.The creation of Glowlines collection came from a simple idea, of worry free lid object, to be used in the most harsh environments, assuring the less maintenance possible. It has took our engineering team over 2 years to finally come up with the perfect solution. For all our existing client with high standard taste, such as Resorts, Hotels and high end Residence, glow lines has been a solution given from day one.The development of the 4 different LED components, and the Europe made Polycarbon composite molded structures, puts any other imitation products, in the shadow, of our highest standards which we back up with years of happy customer guaranteed.Our Licensed Partners, in South east Asia, Europe, the U.S.A. are the global Team of Glowlines Resellers . Our strategically located Headquarter in Manila the Philippines, allows us to control, design and develop new lines, the quickest possible way for all our clients world wide. Our favorite Design team is the "Project Design Team" which come up with dozen of new outdoor and indoor design on a weekly base.


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