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Grundfos Serbia to treat and reuse its own wastewater

09 Oct 2019 by Grundfos

Grundfos, a global water technology company committed to pioneering solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improving the quality of life for people, is opening a highly rare and technically sophisticated water treatment plant at one of the biggest production sites in Serbia.

The facility in Indjija is working towards a closed-loop scenario, where the Grundfos Biobooster system is a key part of the puzzle. The Biobooster facility will treat all domestic wastewater, which accounts for 60-70 percent of the factory’s wastewater. Additional wastewater treatment technologies, as well as rainwater harvesting technology, will provide the additional steps towards realizing a closed-loop scenario where the large-scale industrial facility operates with minimal water footprint.

“It is very important for us to have a company like Grundfos that takes care of the environment and which is at the very top in the development of modern technologies. This shows that Indjija is a place where every company has absolutely all opportunities for advancement and, for our part, we will continue to provide maximum support to such projects,” says Vladimir Gak, Mayor of Indjija Municipality.


Ambitious water targets

On a global scale, Grundfos aims to halve its own water consumption by 2025 and save 50 billion m3 of fresh water by 2030. Water efficiency and water treatment is at the core of these ambitions with the factory in Indjija a shining example.

“We have made a big investment here in Indjija because it is the right thing to do. As a company, we have an obligation to be first movers and clean our own water – to keep order in our own house so to speak. I am confident this can be a major inspiration within our company and to other companies as well,” says Veljko Todorović, Plant Director, Grundfos Serbia.


Major milestone

The Indjija production site produces more than 4 million pump units a year and is Grundfos’ third largest production facility worldwide. As such, the introduction of a closed loop gives a high-level and scalable example of how factories can be developed with sustainable ambitions in mind. 

“This is a major milestone, and I want to thank everyone who have helped make this possible. We are the first to implement this technology in the area, we want to inspire and help take care of the environment in the whole region. We hope to continue our great working relationship with the local authorities in this respect,” says Stéphane Simonetta, Group Executive Vice President, COO, Grundfos.


10 years in Serbia

The opening ceremony also marks 10 years of Grundfos in Serbia. It has been a decade at breakneck speed with Grundfos rocketing into the top 10 of Serbian exporters and creating more than 750 new jobs in the local area.

Grundfos started to introduce solutions to sourcing groundwater and water distribution in the Philippines thru an exclusive distributor in Manila. Since 1987, SP deep well submersible pumps and CRN vertical multi-stage inline pumps were made available locally for water works, water treatment, and boiler feeding.  BP vertical pumps were eventually introduced for irrigation in the rural areas in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.As the local culture tended to focus on pricing, the cheaper brand always had the upperhand . The challenge then was to redefine how the market should choose pumps for optimum long term performance. Eventually, companies that invested on Grundfos pumps began to realize the value of reliability and sustainability as they benefit with greater production and less down time.In 1984, a regional office was established in Singapore to actively campaign for booster systems in the Asia Pacific market. This prompted the regional office to open a representative office in the Philippines in June 1995.In January 2004, Grundfos Pumps Philippines was incorporated, with annual sales revenue hitting a remarkable PHP 132 million by the end of the year.To meet the growing demands of the market, a branch office was opened in 2010 in Davao, to cater to the Mindanao area. Grundfos Philippines developed a representative based in Cebu to manage sales in the Visayas region, and a network of authorized dealers to serve customers nationwide.In 2011, Grundfos Philippines gained the Grundfos Sales Company status as it became a global entity under the Grundfos Holdings in Denmark.The Sales and Marketing teams are committed to create long-term and good relationship with customers by providing them with professional recommendations and relevant technology updates.Through constant training and development, the team along with Grundfos authorized dealers are equipped with up to date product knowledge in order to effectively offer solutions to customer requirements.Grundfos Philippines maintains brand visibility by joining trade exhibitions, and orginizing seminars to get closer to customers.The Service team is composed of committed and skilled technicians to provide uncompromising quality after-sales service.From proper installation and commissioning; to maintenance, optimisation and contingent replacement of spare parts and pumps, the Service team and its network of professional partners are available for worry-free and reliable pumps operations.The Logistics team is in-charge of the timely delivery of orders to customers. By working closely with the Asia Pacific Regional Distribution Center in Singapore, the team ensures the efficient supply of stocks for distributors.As a sales company, Grundfos Philippines caters to various industries including food and beverage, mining, and manufacturing for boilers, machine tool coolants, water treatment, and other uses. We serve commercial building requirements such as pump systems for fire protection, HVAC, and pressure boosting.We provide solutions for municipal water supply, irrigation, sewage and wastewater transport and treatment. Pumps for heating, water supply and wastewater for domestic buildings are also offered to the local market.With the huge range of high-quality Grundfos pumps available, customers can always be sure to find one to suit their particular need.


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