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INTRODUCING Firestop ON!Site Survey and Documentation services

16 Sep 2019 by HILTI

Firestop is typically managed towards the end of a construction project. During the later phases of construction, contractors may have insufficient resources left for effective firestopping or may be forced to go over budget due to poor planning. In addition, incorrect or inappropriate installation can lead to failing inspection during the construction phase which can be costly and cause delays in the project handover. Check out how Hilti can help you avoid these issues!

HILTI PHILIPPINESHilti has been in the Philippine market since the 1980’s as Hilti Hongkong’s extension branch. In 1996, the Hilti group formalized and established its own subsidiary in the Philippines, thus giving birth to Hilti (Philippines) Inc. In 1999, Hilti (Philippines) Inc. was awarded by the Swiss Association for ISO 9001 Quality & Management Systems certification for meeting the international standards for sales, services and processes. Hilti has been regionally accredited by Aon Hewitt Best Employer in Asia Pacific and a founding signatory of the Principles for Countering Bribery in the Engineering and Construction Industry.Due to its uncompromising commitment to provide high quality products and innovative solutions, high caliber contractors and professional organizations regard Hilti (Philippines) Inc. as a long term partner in elevating standards of the local construction industry. Serving directly more than 10,000 customers in the construction industry, and regarded as one of the leaders in Anchor, Direct Fastening and Power tools business and with a strong team of 250 employees which set Hilti (Philippines) Inc. apart both in product and service offerings in the local construction industry. 


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