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KAWARA completes your home with Innovative Global Roofing Solutions from the world’s leading roof brands. Our KAWARA Quality Roofs adorn thousands of structures around the Philippines and combine stunning design aesthetics with superior technical performance. Architects, homeowners, real estate developers and contractors have trusted KAWARA for uniquely beautiful roofing products.

We are exclusive distributors of the world’s leading roof manufacturers of CLAY ROOF TILES, STONE COATED METAL ROOFING, and ASPHALT SHINGLES. We also offer REFLECTIVE THERMAL INSULATION, PVC CEILING PANELS, and ALUMINUM COMPOSITE PANELS to complement your roof.

We have partnered with the world’s leading roofing manufacturers whose commitment to quality has never wavered. Our principals combine old-world craftsmanship and modern production technologies to create roof products with superior quality.

KAWARA also prides itself with the most complete product line in the Philippine market with a wide variety of profiles, shapes, textures and colors to meet any architectural design. It allows for a wide range of possibilities in designing roofs, ideal for both modern roof designs and traditional heritage roofs. Look no further than KAWARA for a world of inspiration in architectural design.

Most importantly, our value proposition is delivering excellent customer service. Every KAWARA customer receives personal attention from our dedicated Sales and Technical teams. Our KAWARA Team works to provide clients the roofing solutions they need and to exceed expectations wherever possible.

Customers have peace of mind with their investment in a KAWARA Quality Roof.

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