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23 Nov 2020 by JFE

Mother’s Day is going to be a little different this year.

This special occasion is usually celebrated in the office with a simple get-together in appreciation for our great JSSP MOMs.

But as we observe a not so ordinary work schedule, during this time of Enhanced Community Quarantine, the coronavirus pandemic restricts what we can go, and makes social distancing a new norm, many of our events and traditions will have to be adjusted.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean Mother’s Day has to be canceled this year.

To all our JSSP MOMs, whether you are just at home right now, taking care of your respective loved ones, your JSSP Family fully appreciate your effort being a GREAT MOM.

May this challenging day be more meaningful, safe and memorable, and perhaps even more special…


JSSP offers the finest slitting services of various steel materials to produce products in coil form and shearing services to produce products in sheet form. It caters to a wide range of industries from electronics, home appliances, automotive and a lot more.Take a look at JSSP’s featured products and services.GLIMPSE OF HISTORYFormerly Kawasho Steel Philippines, Inc, JFE Shoji Steel Philippines Inc (JSSP) was established in October 1997 and has grown significantly over the past 20 years. Springing from Japan as a domestic market as a sales system optimization to guarantee customer satisfaction, JFE Shoji has expanded its network overseas reaching North and South America, a vast majority in Asia, Middle East and Europe, and Oceania. Our company is nestled inside Laguna Technopark Biñan Laguna, with a workforce of 105 local employees and 3 Japanese officers. At present, JSSP takes its pride on its state-of-the-art facilities in slitting and shearing services, making it an advantage to all of its competitors—wherein it can process thinner gauges and small width materials.  Furthermore, the company is proud of its safe working environment, making it one of the safest steel processing companies—not only locally, but also internationally.MISSIONTo consistently deliver high level of QUALITY PRODUCTS and SERVICES in a manner that promotes SAFETY and HEALTH of individuals while observing ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY processes.VISIONJFE Shoji Steel Philippines, Inc. is committed to become the foremost STEEL PROCESSING CENTER IN THE PHILIPPINES that will satisfy the diverse needs of the consumers in terms of quality, reliability and delivery performance.


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