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10 Sep 2019 by Knauf

The newly constructed philharmonic hall in the centre of the town blends in seamlessly with the architecture of the Polish coastal town of Szczecin. Many Knauf products were used for the interior, including facing panels and floor and ceiling systems for unique drylining constructions.

Knauf W623 furring is used in the conference hall, double lining with Knauf GKB 15 mm and a modified Knauf D116 ceiling with suspended acoustic absorbers. In the cafe, an innovative ceiling was constructed, comprising a layer of Fireboard panels, a second layer of Silentboard and Diamant panels and a third layer of Cleaneo panels.

In addition, Aquapanel Outdoor Systems were used in the underground car park and the Knauf W626 system was installed in the technical areas.


  • Architect: Barozzi Veiga
  • Year of construction: 2013






Our BusinessEEI Corporation is recognized as one of the leading construction companies in the Philippines, known for the quality of its work and the excellence of its workforce. It has the broadest range of construction and engineering services, with expertise in the construction of large-scale heavy and light industrial projects, infrastructure, and property development projects all over the world.Over the years, EEI has built several power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, cement plants, mining facilities, industrial plants, buildings, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, seaports, airports, railways, water distribution stations, flood control systems, steel structures and modular assemblies.EEI is quadruple-A rated as a General Engineering Contractor. This is the highest rating for contractors issued by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) under the Department of Trade and Industry. The Company also holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications for quality, environment management, and occupational health and safety standards.As such, it is a preferred contractor of global Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies. MissionBuild, Lead and Serve ResponsiblyWe are the leading Construction Company in the Philippines, with international operations, committed to the highest level of quality, safety and environment protection, providing innovative solutions and prompt delivery.We provide products and services that give our customers the best value and compelling experience.Our people and our partners are our most valued assets.We uplift the quality of life in the communities we serve. VisionBuilder of a Better FutureEEI will create not just more, but meaningful jobs, and cultivate a culture of highly motivated and productive workers.By being a partner in construction, EEI will participate in creating vibrant economies.In the course of its work, EEI will minimize the use of resources, generate less waste, take better care of its environment, and influence others to do the same.EEI will harness its creativity and will innovate, make use of new technology, develop new methodologies, and continuously find better ways to do things.EEI will be an agent of positive and meaningful change as it promotes good corporate governance, better health in communities, and a better quality of life, not just for its people but for the communities it serves. Core ValuesINTEGRITY - Our consistent pursuit of ethics and morality in thoughts, words, and actions.PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE - Our insatiable commitment to improve and innovate.FAIRNESS TO STAKEHOLDERS - Our conviction that our stakeholders should get what is due to them.SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION - Our firm belief in respect of human lives, property,environment, and freedom from harm.


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