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07 Sep 2020 by Kupp


Founded in 1978, KUPP has been leading the Korean PE pipe industry and is now operatingglobally. Now KUPP is a leading manufacturer of high-quality PE water pipe, fittings andcommunication duct as well.KUPP as always been at the forefront of innovation and product development in the KoreanPE piping industry. We will endeavor to provide the best PE pipe solution and outstandingperformance as The Next Leader of Total PE Pipe Solutions.KUPP, which started as "Kunsul Plastic Pipe" in 1978, began to produce and distribute hygienic polyethylene pipes used by countries with advanced piping technology in Europe at the time, with standards and properties suitable for the Korean market."The first in the domestic industry", this is why KUPP is the history of Korean PE pipes.


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