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Machete 8 Mil Test For Banks And Commercial Property

09 Jun 2021 by LA Window Films

A deterrent to would-be robbers, protection from the average household accident, and guards against wind borne debris.

These are just a few of the features you will receive when installing our Machete 8 Mil Security Window Film.

Designed to hold the glass together in the event that the window is broken or damaged, this film also contains a UV rejection rate of up to 99%.

When installed correctly, the Machete 8 Mil security film forces someone trying to break through to expend much more time and energy, just to penetrate it a little bit, that it is more likely they will retreat. In addition to the security, this film has the added benefit of protecting your house and family from everyday accidents; maybe a ball is accidentally thrown at a window, or a large glass door appears open and someone may run through it.

Either way, with the added safety a severe injury is much less likely.

LA Window Films
Founded in 2003,L.A. Window Films is a leading provider and installer of window films in the Philippines boasting more than 25,000 clients nation wide.Our films are designed and manufactured to the demanding specifications for home, commercial property owners and architects, and can be used in any building and renovation environment ranging from security and safety, high heat rejection to solar glare reducing tints and 99% U.V. radiation protection.We at L.A. Window Films are determined to assist and share our vast knowledge and experience to match the customer’s concerns by recommending the best film for the value and performance.We are a small company with big aspirations. Maintaining a small sized company, we are very sensitive to the quality service we provide our customers.


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