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Is Aluminum Cladding a Sustainable Material?

29 Nov 2020 by Polylite

Sustainable architecture is now making its way to reshape today’s society by using sustainable building materials that not just last longer, but also significantly contribute to environmental protection and energy conservation. This is why choosing aluminum cladding is the same as promoting sustainable architecture as it can be recycled and used the same way it was previously utilized. This claim is supported by a recent study conducted by the European Aluminum Association.

Due to the fact that corrosion does not affect aluminum cladding, using this material is a good choice for harsh weather. It does not rust or corrode over time due to its protective oxide coating. It also plays a huge part in reducing carbon footprints and energy costs as it contributes to energy efficiency and helps provide insulation for buildings and other establishments. Thus, this can accord a helping hand to promote sustainability and emerge as a great building material towards sustainable architecture.

Apart from this, several studies have proved that aluminum cladding does not present hazards and health danger to people, animals, or the surrounding environment. While considering the overall design and durability of an establishment, it is also a must that we do our part as responsible community builders by advocating sustainable architecture for a better future ahead.

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Polylite Industrial Corporation is the pioneer in providing creative yet purposeful building solutions in the Philippines for the past 30 years. As the demand for sustainable architecture rapidly evolves, we have significantly made it possible for residential, commercial, and industrial projects to succeed by continuously developing innovative materials and staying committed to our prime mission—to be the country’s partner in bringing creative designs to life.


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