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Modern Architecture Using ACP

29 Nov 2020 by Polylite

Aluminum Composite Panel is becoming a popular cladding material in today’s modern architecture. When it comes to consistency and precision, it is one of the most preferred architectural materials in the construction industry. Not only that ACP gives a modern and seamless look, it also has a wide range of usage and features.

ACP is high-impact resistant and durable. It is engineered to withstand the impact of the changing weather for a significant period of time. A low maintenance architectural material that exhibits high torsional strength, ideal for any building solutions with its wide array of colors and sizes. Additionally, unlike any other architectural materials, it is easy and fast to install and has thermal and sound insulating properties.

Modern Architecture Using ACP

ACP is widely used for external cladding, building facades, thermal insulation, and signages. Applications of this cladding material are not only limited to external cladding, but can also be used as partitions, false ceilings, among others. Learn more about the different usage of ACP here: https://bit.ly/2FcHz9R

Lastly, ACP offers a safer, more economical option to your architectural needs. Whether renovating your house or constructing from the ground up, you need to consider ACP on your next project.

Tags: Aluminum Composite Panel, Alutech PE, Alutech PVDF, Alulite PE, Alulite PVDF

Polylite Industrial Corporation is the pioneer in providing creative yet purposeful building solutions in the Philippines for the past 30 years. As the demand for sustainable architecture rapidly evolves, we have significantly made it possible for residential, commercial, and industrial projects to succeed by continuously developing innovative materials and staying committed to our prime mission—to be the country’s partner in bringing creative designs to life.


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