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About Polysheild

KAWARA is a comprehensive specialty roofing company widely specified by many top Architects, Developers, Contractors and Homeowners. We are primarily in the importation and distribution of various roofing materials from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our constant drive to offer the highest quality is what sets KAWARA apart and makes us one of the top companies in the Philippine roofing industry.

Since its inception in December 2000, KAWARA has evolved into a ONE-STOP ROOFING SHOP that offers the most complete roofing line in the market with a variety of types, profiles, colors, textures, and technologies to suit any budget and to meet any roofing need. KAWARA is the official and exclusive distributor of several prominent foreign roofing brands. Our competitive advantage emanates from our innovation efforts to remain attuned to the changing needs of clients and to offer roofing products based on the latest market trends. We offer high quality, durability, and long-term value that represent an economically and ecologically sound investment for the future.

More importantly, KAWARA is committed to developing a Green Roofing System for its clients with sustainable solutions that respect the environment. We offer the KAWARA Building Systems with products such as Reflective Insulation, Solar Power Systems and Pre-Fabricated Structures that aim to complement your roofing requirements.

KAWARA strives to be your partner in your roofing needs.

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