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19 Jan 2021 by Sub-Zero and Wolf

Never feel intimidated by cooking again! With the Wolf built-in oven’s gourmet mode, you can scrap any guesswork involved when you prepare new recipes. The Gourmet Mode is a series of settings developed by chefs in the test kitchens of Wolf. Put anything in the oven, let it know what you're doing, and it takes care of the rest for you. The oven’s intuitive system determines the temperature your dish will need to cook at, as well as the required time it’ll need to finish. It even goes the extra mile by telling you which specific rack you should put your pan on. All the information needed to prepare a dish has already been developed and programmed into the oven, so that all you’ll have to do is to sit back, relax and wait for your oven to beep when your food is ready!
See an entire meal prepared with effortless ease using the Wolf gourmet mode in the video below.

Explore the different models of WOLF OVENS to start your journey to guesswork-free cooking! Plan your dream kitchen by booking a tour of our showroom, or by scheduling an online meeting with our sales designers. Click here to set an appointment with us.


Want to try making our recipe for lamb roast on your oven? Get the recipe HERE!



Sub-Zero and Wolf
ABOUT USOver 70 years of meticulous crafting and expert engineering - Sub-Zero and Wolf have been relentlessly dominating the kitchen appliance industry with nothing but aspirations to bring you moments worth savoring at home.ABOUT SUB-ZERO AND WOLFSub-Zero and Wolf. These corporate companions and kitchen soul mates will, like no other brands, help you achieve the design and performance you want for your uncompromised kitchen. What do you want your kitchen to be? Sub-Zero refrigerators, freezers and wine storage units are the definitive kitchen components. Made by hand. Tested to the nth degree. The only brand with dual refrigeration. Built to the same exacting standards, Wolf cooking instruments help give fullest expression to your love of good food and the pleasure of preparing it. Wolf fuels your passion for cooking. SUB-ZERO. THE REFRIGERATION SPECIALISTSRefrigeration that really is twice as good. Most refrigerators circulate the super dry cold air from the freezer, through the refrigerator and back to the freezer again. So the air that is freezing your salmon is wafting over your radicchio leaves. Not good. Sub-Zero believes that each compartment should have its own independent, climate-controlled air to keep food fresh and untainted. The two-compressor, dual refrigeration system in every Sub-Zero refrigeration unit means that no air, moisture or unwanted aromas pass between the refrigerator and the freezer. Which means that all your food tastes just like it should. WOLF. THE COOKING SPECIALISTFrom the very first glance you can tell that Wolf cooking equipment has been built to do a job. Solid steel, rugged knobs, formidable burners. Mind you, if you'd been subjected to 70 years of demands from professional chefs, you'd feel qualified to cook pretty much anything that came your way. And that's exactlyy what Wolf cooking equipment does. To perfection.Wolf advanced technology will never overwhelm but rather make it easier and more enjoyable to prepare delicious meals. In addition to the sophisticated exteriors and striking cobalt blue oven interiors you will find that the settings, the precise temperature control, and the features are all designed to get the results you want.


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