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The Expert Guide on Buying Garden Furniture

31 Jan 2021 by Uno

Choosing your garden furniture is similar to choosing the items you add for your house. There are varying factors that can influence your choice but you should always prioritize comfort and durability.

On the other hand, design is another factor to discuss for choosing your garden furniture. They can have simple lines with complimentary forms. They can also be rustic or classic to blend well with the tropical or country inspired gardens.

Of course, the garden size will affect most if not all of your choices since spacious gardens can accommodate a wider range of furniture as compared to pocket gardens.



Considering that garden furniture is exposed to a lot of sunlight, rain and wind, you mustn’t sacrifice durability with cheap materials. Even insects can damage your furnishing made of wood. 

Your investment would only last for months instead of years if you don’t choose the right materials. But to do so, here are important weather factors to consider for your outdoor garden furniture:


Rain and Humidity

If your area is visited with frequent rainstorms, or high humidity, you’d want to make sure that your furniture is resistant to water based issues. Retained moisture will not only physically degrade the material but can also lead to health risks.

Mold, Mildew & Rot

Humidity or moist conditions are where various fungi actively grow. Garden furnitures with organic materials that retain water are susceptible to mold which can cause respiratory problems and irritation.

However, rain and moisture typically don’t damage the material and can be cleaned and wiped off. Rot, on the other hand, leads to biodegradation and decomposition of the material.

Rust & Corrosion

Metals that contain iron or steel are vulnerable to corrosion when continually exposed to water and oxygen. The corrosion slowly weakens the metal resulting in visible rust and discoloration. This is important to note when you are near the sea as the salt in the air and water will accelerate the chemical process.


A furniture gets warped or twisted when the material allows water to penetrate it and then dries unevenly. 

Initially, it is unnoticeable, but over time it will clearly show a distorted material with misaligned seams and loosened screws. If the furniture is showing signs of being warped, it is time to replace them before any accidents happen.



Sun and Temperature

A sunny area with little dramatic seasonal shifts will need a garden material that can withstand the harsh damage of UV rays and the extreme fluctuations of extreme heat to cold.


Fading is one of the common damage that we can easily spot. This happens when the material has been left under the constant exposure of the sun which made it lose its luster over time. 

You can leave it be or repaint it. Others find the change aesthetically appealing or simply a decrease in the colors of your space. 


If you are living in an area with plenty of sunlight you need to check for cracks on your furniture periodically in order to avoid accidents. 

Some materials will expand and contract when they are heated or cooled. When the process is repeated a couple of times, they can also crack, split, warp or become brittle.

Heat Retention

Although heat can lead to minor issues, sometimes a metal furniture left out in the sun can heat up making it uncomfortable and even unsafe to touch. You can get burned when you sit down or as you attempt to reposition the poolside lounge chair.



windy area

If you are living in an open and also extremely windy area, it’s important that your outdoor garden furniture is heavy so that it won’t get blown away by the wind. Otherwise you’ll have to continually store and secure your items when they aren’t in use. 



While some outdoor garden furniture can last for years under ideal conditions, you’ll still have to take good care of them and maintain them.

Cleaning & Care

Some materials require very little attention and are usually easy to clean with a hose, soap and water. There are also some that require more intensive care and special products to keep them looking great and working properly. 

If you have plenty of things to do and don’t want any hassle, then you may want to use lower maintenance materials.


And at the end of the day, most of us look at our financial situation to choose one material over the other. This is to stay within the budget but also understand how expensive these materials can be. 

Will it need to be replaced frequently? Does it take a lot of time and effort to maintain? These are the key questions you’ll need to consider.




After you are well-equipped with the factors we’ve discussed above, here are materials for outdoor garden furniture. They can vary from Metal, Wood, Tempered Glass, and Plastic.


Metal is the strongest and most durable material for your outdoor garden furniture. It is strong, moldable into thinner or complex designs, it is a great choice between functionality and aesthetic benefits. 

However, metal does have its drawbacks. It heats up in the sun which makes it uncomfortable to touch. Certain metals are also very heavy and difficult to move and some are prone to corrosion and rust. But each type of metal has its own unique set of characteristics.


Plastic is an inexpensive material that made it into the garden furniture list since it is a cheap alternative to metal. Despite what others may think, the artificial look of plastic can complement the garden well.

There are now woven plastic furniture or furnishing that can mimic the look or rattan. Plastic is also lightweight which makes it highly transportable and stackable. They are also easily cleaned and can be repainted with a few scrubs.


Wood is undeniably the commonly used material for garden furniture. They blend well with the environment but not all wood is ideal for outdoor use. Although they are strong indoors, they have been observed to warp, crack and rot under the alternating exposure to sun and rain.

Wood also needs to be treated since termites can eat your investment away. They also need proper moisture sealant as without it, it can promote molds and mildew. If you want to take good care of it, make sure you brush them once a year with soap and water at least once a year. If the paint peels off then a yearly repainting is all you’ll need to keep it looking good.


We can also find tempered glass for outdoor garden furniture. They are mainly used as tabletops and are also resistant to temperature changes. It provides an elegant touch to the garden although we recommend placing it under the shade to prevent the sun from blinding your guest.



In order to protect your garden furniture investments. Make sure to avoid placing them in places where they have direct exposure to sunlight. 

Wooden furniture needs to have no contact with the ground to prevent termites from reaching them. 

Metal furniture needs to be wiped dry after the rain to prevent moisture and water pools from corroding the metal.

Plastic can be repainted if it ever loses it’s color, just make sure to also scrub them down using sand paper when you see mold growing on them.

Tempered glass will also need to be situated to a spot where it won’t reflect the sun’s ray and blinds your visitors or yourself.

Garden furniture are your investments, knowing how to take good care of them will ensure that they’ll last plenty of years to a lifetime.



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