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The Many Benefits of Vertical Gardens

05 Feb 2021 by Vertical Green

Vertical landscape design has taken over the architecture and interior design world, stealing the spotlight in some of the most prestigious buildings in urban cities across the globe. Its popularity is mainly due to the fact that vertical gardens can allow flowers and plants to flourish in a small square footage. The best vertical gardens require only a couple millimeters – some as thin as 16 mm. 

More than saving space in your gardens, vertical gardens can provide you with a host of other benefits.

  1. Regulates temperature

Green walls are adept at regulating temperatures within the structure. Vertical gardens can break vertical airflow, which slows down and cools the surrounding air inside the room. This means that you won’t need to set your air conditioning units as high as you used to, lowering your energy consumption, and saving on electricity bills. When installed outside the building, vertical gardens can absorb the heat radiating from the sun, serving as a layer of natural insulation for the building. This has been proven to cool down buildings by up to 12 degrees!

  1. Purifies air

It’s no secret that plants release oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis. On top of this, however, the living plant wall filters in the particulate matter in the air, converting the CO2 molecules into oxygen.

  1. Improves well-being

Green walls, including moss walls, are particularly beneficial in office settings and can boost productivity. With days spent staring into computer screen and stuck inside glass structure, a pop of greenery can liven up a space and motivate even the most exhausted worker. Apart from this, studies have shown that staring into a computer screen all day is not healthy on the eyes, and that we need to take regular breaks every 20 minutes and look at green objects to relax them. What better thing to look at than lush, thriving foliage?

  1. Reduces stress

Living in and working in a green environment can create a positive impact on your total well-being. Green walls calm people down and help them relax, reducing the amount of stress they feel. By looking at plants for as little as 3 to 5 minutes per day, you can improve your blood pressure and heart activity, release muscle tension, and increase brain activity!

  1. Increases property value

Green walls show residents, employees, and investors that your company is serious about its environmental efforts. This sustainable and green appearance, coupled with the reduced cost in energy consumption, leads to an increase in your property’s value. Your building does more than just house your employees and operations – it’s an extension of your brand and can be viewed as a symbol of your environmental and social efforts, which some potential employees and investors may consider to be chief factors in their decision-making process. 

If you’re thinking about having a green wall installed in your space, contact the leading vertical garden installers, Vertical Green. Together, let us create a stunning design that brings your best ideas to life.

Vertical Green
Who We AreWe are advocates of transforming urban spaces by integrating greenery into concrete walls. From our think tank in Singapore, we have developed one of the thinnest green wall structures in the market. Now, we are proud to bring our innovative vertical gardens to the Philippines. As the leading green wall company in the country, we offer a veriety of living plants and moss to create a brathtaking display for both indoor and outdoor applications.Our MissionWe believe that greenery is the new era and we aim to creata a greener and healthier environment for future generations.Our ExpertiseYour search for vertical green wall suppliers in the Philippines ends here. Vertical Green is a trusted name in vertical garden landscaping and installation with a reputation built on years of extensive research and rigorious product development. From the designers to the installation team, we are dedicated to improving urban landscapes through space-saving, vertical garden installations. Our green wall solutions can improve indoor and outdoor aesthetics for commercial establishments, offices, and homes in urban communities. Whether you need a backdrop that complements the existing design, or an addition that will become the main feature of a space, we have you walls covered.Benefits of Green WallsOur green wall transforms the air you breathe. It removes airborne pollutants that can go a long way toward helping you breathe healthier.Vertical Landscapes for the Highly Urban Communities in the PhilippinesWe live in a highly digital age where speed and infrastructure transformations are metrics for progress. Most of us barely spend an hour each day outdoors. Parks and green spaces are becoming smaller and fewer as developments for concrete structure continue to compete for square footage. We don’t oppose this type of progress; we simply want to make it better. We do it by supplying vertical landscape designs with urban communities in the Philippines. As one of the leading green wall companies in the country, we can build you the thinnest green wall that combines plants of different varieties and colors to bring life to your urban space.More than aesthetics, our green walls add value to your buildingInvest in our green wall solutions and enjoy their numerous benefits: energy efficiency, better aesthetics, and improved indoor air quality. Our low-maintenance vertical garden systems can reinforce your green branding, impress clients, and make your premises more appealing.We bring nature to the people and places that need it mostPeople are drawn to nature in times of distress. By introducing our green wall vertical garden solutions into your offices, you encourage wellness among your employees, improve their working conditions, and help them become productive every day.Transformations that matterOur vertical garden services restore balance by injecting greenery into the country’s urban centers. Our revolutionary green wall structures bring nature into offices and public spaces without compromising the integrity of the buildings or taking up too much precious floor space.


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